Corruption is a cancer that steals from the poor, eats away at governance and moral fiber and destroy trust says Robert Zoellick and Karl Kraus continues on the same and says “it is worse than prostitution, which only endanger the morals of an individual, but corruption endangers the morals of the entire country”.

Countries, especially in the third world, are best managed when leaders work as a team. In America, there is opposition, but after the winner is declared, the two sides somehow support each other for the sake of upholding the constitution while focusing on checks and balances.

The development of the American States is not politicized like it’s the case in Kenya. States have their autonomous Governments, which are not interfered with. It’s a system based on a well-defined Development policy formulated by the winning party, with each State entirely Devolved from the Central Government.

There are Departmental heads who oversee the running of Ministries with similar functions to what we have in Kenya. President does not interfere or keeps calling them for meetings or even expect them to follow him in Churches.

In Kenya, the Deputy President follows the head of State in all meetings and Churches. It’s a dangerous trend for the two leaders to always be at the same venue. On the other hand, the president must not behave like a jilted lover making daily calls to his juniors. He must get down to work and focus on the promises he vowed to achieve during campaigns. The current high cost of living- is nothing but the control of cartels who want to make huge profits tenfold.

The Government, if focused have a mechanism to control food prices- but is reluctant to do so because many in that Government -are part of or benefit from the supply chain. The other major problem in Kenya- is passing all those tax burdens to companies in food production, thus making them increase food prices arbitrarily. They should instead- target luxury commodities like beer, spices, or entertainment to make them compensate for food commodities producers.

Uhuru was wise to give them subsidies to at least control and lower basic essential food prices. The CURRENT Government is not keen on fighting corruption which is fast destroying Kenya. There is TOO much theft in Government Ministries, and if not stopped, the country will end up bankrupt if it is not the case now. Resulting in taxing poor people will not help… Neither taxing the rich, whom the poor survive on—(Kenya being a trickle-down economy by design).

The imagination of a bottom-up economy is William Ruto’s biggest mistake, and the opposition on the streets, demonstrating every week, will make things even more difficult for the ordinary man. The future of Kenya is bleak, and not even prayers will help.

It does not matter who is right or wrong for if chaos erupt, the two leaders will be blamed for they are the only ones who can agree to control the current situation.

Chest thumping to prove who is more powerful will not work. President William Ruto MUST genuinely sit down with the opposition head at a round table to discuss all the malpractices experienced in the country, starting with the judiciary- and then the future trustworthy election process- or the country will soon end up like a failed State and anarchy will take place and destroy all the gains achieved since Independence.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

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