By Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity.

Three sons and two daughters of Mr. and Mrs. John Muguku have been  denied Visa to come to USA to attend the burial of their mother Mrs. Jane Muguku, who is due to be buried in USA according to her wish.  Mrs. Muguku died after two year of struggles with sickness. Immediately after her death on December 30, 2020, their father Mr. John Muguku, was  admitted to the hospital. The three sons and the two daughters were therefore sent a copy of the letter from the Mortuary and a copy of the admission document of their father into the hospital.

They went to the US Embassy in Kenya to get Visa in order to fly to USA to attend the burial of their mother, and to visit their ailing dad. Unfortunately they were all denied Visa to travel to USA.  The only son who lived with their parents in USA, approached the Representative of his area of residence to seek for help.  The area Representative did not hesitate to give him a letter which confirmed that Mrs. Jane Muguku had passed away in USA, and it was necessary for her children to attend to the burial of their mother. He then sent a copy of the letter to his brothers and his sisters, hoping that the US Embassy in Kenya, would have empathy and provide Visas to them.  Once again they were denied Visa, despite providing the Embassy with the letter from the area Representative.

There are no convincing reasons at all to deny a son or a daughter a Visa to attend the burial of a parent in USA. I am made to understand that some of the children, are well established businessmen in Kenya and they  would not abscond their businesses to come and live in USA, if that is the fear and worry at the US Embassy in Kenya.  It is my hope that the US Embassy in Kenya will change and provide the sons and daughters of Mr. Muguku the peace of mind to come and attend the burial of their mother, as well as to visit their ailing father, who is still hospitalized up to this day.  The Kenyan Embassy can help this situation and I hope that this article draws the attention of the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC.  I also hope that the only son of Mr. Muguku living in USA, will contact the Kenyan Embassy in Washington DC as soon as possible.


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