Kenyans Have To be honest, During Voting Period As It would be Travesty To hoodwink Themselves.


Article By a Patriotic Diaspora Kenyan

We are the  Kenyan diaspora today because of some 24 years of Nyayo-era economic misrule. Kenya’s leadership was taken over by a presumed bible-trotting, peace-loving, unity-affirming Christian. During the 24 years he ruled Kenya, he consolidated his power base at the expense of social-economic growth and development. His power centralization approach, coupled with unabated tribalism, nepotism, and fragrant economic graft, ushered in and normalized modern-day Kenyan corruption, which has since become unhinged. It also led to a massive youth and population drain between the late 80s and the early millenium years; many had to depart their motherland to seek livelihoods. We are foreign residents, nationals, and citizens to date. Most who fall in this category are over 38 years old. We have first-hand knowledge and experience of what the economic mismanagement of a young nation can do to its people.

In the upcoming election of 2022, we have a leading candidate who has made it absolutely clear that he is a student of Moi-era politics. He fits the profile; he is a bible-trotting, youthful Christian. His 30-plus years of political experience are riddled with graft and impropriety; some may argue insinuation, but it is no coincidence that most of all, he owns was once public assets. It is well known that he was key in orchestrating the worst human genocide in Kenya’s electoral history. As fact, none of us can name one bill, policy, piece of legislation, or act he has championed or passed. Throughout his entire political life, he has grown his stature through sheer populism, always turning against all those he used to expand his platform. He is unapologetic while exhibiting questionable temperaments and tendencies. And also, as a fact, he is known for double-speak, appeasing the masses while ridiculing the same. His political manifesto is based on class warfare, a bottom-up promise to a massive youthful population in a country in whose government he is second in command. In a country whose debt to GDP ratio is so stretched that, the incoming government will have to adopt massive restructuring and budgetary concessions for the country to run effectively.

As you consider your vote, consider what this election means. Most of you have spent your entire working lives earning, saving, and remitting proceeds for investment. You have done so in absentia and will remain so in the near foreseeable future. My take is that you will be a very vulnerable lot in case the wrong administration assumes power. In Moi’s era, the vulnerability was mainly against a tribe. Today that vulnerability extends to the diaspora. It will involve class; “The haves versus the have-nots.”  You shall not be readily present to promptly protect and arbitrate for your assets and proceeds if and when unabated graft perforates under a gluttonous regime.

We also know better. We have lived and worked in nations where the rule of law and security of tenure is guaranteed and protected. We prosper without worrying about reassigning our assets, jobs, and businesses. This guarantee has aided us in flourishing and becoming positive contributors to our communities and adopted nations.

As the election nears, I appeal to all, to be honest in making decisions. Let us play our part either through association or participation in advocating for an incoming administration which will be instrumental in instilling a government strictly led by order and the rule of law. Let us wish for our motherland that which we live out each day.

I humbly submit. Thank you, comrades.

The writer decided to remain anonymous but agreed to be among those guiding Kenyans on how to make a good choice during the 2022 General election in Kenya.

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