Kenyans in China Desperately Crying For Help From The Government Of Kenya.



Kenyans in China, are in a state of Confusion after the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and many are completely desperate while staring at unknown blink future, unless the Government of Kenya act fast to alleviate the crisis.

The Kenyan Embassy in China as usual like all it’s Embassies worldwide including USA, when it comes to emergencies, is impotent and hence unable to come to their rescue.

Majority have no means of survival and are threatened by landlords to be kicked out of their houses and thereafter, will have nowhere to go but to result to street life, if it has not happened already.

To make the matter even worse, many are being discriminated in all public places and mocked as being the carriers of COVID-19 and with no airlines operating to even be able to return home, it’s a desperate situation that needs to be addressed without delay.

Hon Lily Mwelu of Diaspora National  Assembly felt that the Chinese Government is lying to authorities in Kenya to the effect that they are helping the situation, but Videos have proved otherwise. Most of those stranded have said that they tried calling their Ambassador but they got no answer. Some even went there and there was no help. “China is lying and our leaders can’t do much because of the loans. We must condemn these atrocities against our own African people in Chinese territories”.

The speaker of Diaspora National Assembly Hon Elizabeth Njeru, was of the opinion that the Government should have clear documentation regarding security and safety of Kenyans living in other countries. She hinted that the constitution mentions nothing about the protection of its Citizens living in the Diaspora.

“They rely on Embassies which are not in a position to help in times of crisis like we are going through. Kenyans should be protected just like in some countries that evacuate their citizens ASAP coz that is what their constitutions say. Indeed the time for the Diaspora ministry is now”.

“The situation in China is extremely distressing.  Why do we have an embassy there, why do we have an Ambassador if Kenyans are being harassed that way…they  should be recalled ….”the Kenyans have to be protected,  the Embassy has a responsibility”  

“China too has a responsibility, if the UN charter of human rights is checked”.

“All the reason why we need the Diaspora ministry….the situation in China is an addition to what is already happening in UAE and other Middle East countries”.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has come to woken us up and realize that the four million Kenyans living in the Diaspora needs to be catered for by a full Diaspora Ministry that will be all time ready to handle pandemic in Diaspora and the hardships that many go through.

DNA have been constantly telling the Government through press releases to consider establishing a full Diaspora Ministry and our recent proposals to BBI to that effect among other issues, should be given the weight they deserve because the Ministry of Diaspora, is urgently required to look into the affairs of all in the Diaspora.

Arch Dr. D.K. Gitau

DNA Global President

Diaspora National Assembly

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