By Chirchir John- Diaspora Times Column Contributor.

Kenya is our country, and each should think of improving the living standards of all. Take children to school, pay medical expenses, put food on the table, get clean water, come up with industries, build good roads, live in good houses (at least a good shelter), and earn a salary and not wages.

Therefore, we shouldn’t miss the purpose of why our forefathers fought for independence. They wanted to stop exploitation by the white man. We shouldn’t vote for those whose major agenda is to get the opportunity to amass wealth through corruption.

┬áSomeone wants to be President so that no one can question how he acquired unaccounted wealth he has. Why must Kenyans pay tax only to be stolen by those in power? Must Kenyans become slaves of the corrupt? Please assist me in knowing why all Government projects (Itare, Aror, kimwarer) started in Rift valley didn’t succeed, and those started elsewhere succeeded.

 Who is responsible for all these failures? And if we know the culprit, please tell me if such a culprit should be allowed to control the country’s budget.

 Please let us get rid of these corrupt guys so that we can also at one time be able to give aid to other countries, as does the USA.

These countries don’t allow corrupt patrons to step anywhere near power.


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