Kenyans Stranded In China To Return To Kenya On May 1


Kenyan Embassy in China has communicated May 1 as the date when stranded Kenyans will be flown home. Economy class flight from Guangzhou to Nairobi will cost $750 (Sh80,000) to those whose wish to travel.

The Kenyan Embassy in China said the airfare had been discounted and maintained that the government would only facilitate those who can afford the ticket.

In a communique to the Kenyans in China, the embassy said “Cost of ticket will be borne by an individual who will personally book and pay for it on the platform provided by Kenya Airways,”

There has been heightened criticism from the general public and some leaders on how the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has handled the predicament of the Kenyans stuck in foreign lands especially China, many of them students and business people, who have been unable to return home for lack of means. Some of the Kenyans have reported mistreatment in China, specifically Guangzhou. Videos of African being mistreated in the Asian country have being going round on social media.

 Kenyan Envoy to China, Sarah Serem defended the embassy from accusations it has abandoned Kenyans, saying the embassy had helped everyone who was affected.

 She said the embassy had arranged alternative accommodation for the evicted Kenyans and emphasized that it was not evacuating anyone, but merely facilitating their travel.

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