Kenya’s 2022 Presidential Hopeful Dr. Jeff Kaluyu Deliver His Masujaa Day Message Like His Birthday Gift.


Dr Jeff Kaluyu PhD

Yes, surprisingly, it’s my birthday. But because I must put nation above self I must begin by wishing you all, a HAPPY MASHUJAA DAY!

In the spirit of our freedom fighters on whose shoulders we stand I submit that we must renew our courage to face the challenges of our times. Malcom-X once wrote; you can’t escape  a prison unless you recognize that you are locked up in the first place. We must therefore be honest to ourselves in order to roll forward the business of our people.

With a recent report we were ranked 6th among those carrying the heavy burden of poverty yet we are ranked 5th among wealthiest countries in Africa. So who are those so wealthy and those so poor. Nairobi is 6th wealthiest city in Africa.  So the wealthiest live in Nairobi.  This is a trend in most African nations. With runaway cost of living leaders must gain Mashujaa courage, face and ask tough questions. Never before has there been such a big need to build a more intelligent Government. Uplift the spirits of Kenyans. Infact these are the best times in the darkest hours to reflect and decide where we go from here as a nation.

Kenya is not just a Geographical demarcation but a common spirit of our people. We must create opportunity to solve our problems.

I commend the peace deal brought by the handshake. I called for it out first in October 2017 at the steps of the Supreme court of Kenya (tape exist). But that should not hinder democratic principles of differences in opinion.  A difference in opinion is not necessarily a difference in  principle. Peace is the highest aspiration of a nation. We will negotiate for it. We need to sacrifice for it but we should  not surrender for it.  As we renew the meaning of Kenya we must act worthy of ourselves. We are Kenyans and we care for the weak,  disadvantaged and those underserved.

All of us must be guided that Governments do not create people. People created Governments and it’s up us to the people to choose leaders and the Governments that serve them right. Size- If ” We The People ” can’t live beyond our means for a very long time, what makes us think Government can do so. Let’s control our appetite for debt and spending.  When we pay big debts let’s make sure the return on investment is healthy.

Those who say we don’t not have heroes anymore, they just don’t know where to look. They are the teachers who use their own money to buy books and pencil for the poor in schools, they are the police and fire fighters who run to danger at night, they are doctors and nurses who miss their supper attending to a dying patient.

Environmentalists who hug trees in protection from charcoal burners.

The artists who sing to uplift our spirits.

The YMCA and religious drivers of hope.

You are a hero too for “kupambana na hali yako”.

I believe this nation will reclaim it’s promise out of this long political darkness. We have come from far as a nation, seen much and still so much hope.

When the enemies of progress ask how and who will do this… we will respond with this timeless creed – We The People!

May God bless you.
May God bless this nation, The Great Republic of Kenya

Dr Jeff Kaluyu.

Presidential Hopeful 2022

Board Member Central Organization For Diaspora Unity (C.O.D.U.)

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