After four years of non stop campaigns while dishing a lot of money to Churches, and a few desperate Kenyans, opinion polls show William Ruto struggling and the desperation making him result to insults instead of expounding on his manifesto.

President William Ruto’s well-memorized street manifesto promises to end poverty in a country with over 10 million poor people- will probably be the most hilarious hocus-pocus fiction campaign literature ever written.

This time it’s not Sinclair, the author of forty-seven books, including the most famous fiction, “The Jungle,” giving his wish-but a man that rose from rags to riches (doubtful) and now imagining settling at the house on the hill. William is trying to make the impossible look possible due to his oratorical gift- good enough to convince the poor that a savior- is about to include them at the decision-making table and make them feel free to visit the house on the hill any day they like. It is a strange story of the medieval age told to computer-age children, leave-alone grown adults, convincing them that a wheelbarrow can eradicate poverty.

The street imagination, fiction gospel may sound like a page-turner if written. However, conscious minds know that wheelbarrows cannot be an effective tool to rely on to eradicate poverty, and hence -such an effort -may not go beyond the woodwork.

In all practical terms, the Tanga Tanga brigade- adapted campaign slogans, such as “Kazi ni Kazi” and “hatupagwigwi”- are meaningless, to say the least, but somehow, the masses get amused. Politicians are only interested in attacking rather than explaining a written down practical manifesto, but the usual lies and promises are becoming the norm. The typical promises of cutting down taxes and increasing production do not feature much, but only the usual lies and the same, not in black and white. Though deviating from the norm, the sweet lies attract and convince the poor that a bright future is possible not now- but only after the election.

A political lie factory with a staff of assumed political chemists is busy preparing poisonous words each night to be let loose to Kenyans at impromptu meetings every morning and all aimed at attacking the head of State. They recite bottom-up songs that make some women dance rare naughty moves never seen before in television history.

It takes more than verbally convincing hired, coached crowds joined by other onlookers on how to eradicate poverty—more than giving handouts to improve the lives of Kenyans temporarily. The issue must be handled by first addressing poverty’s root causes and challenges through integrated, coordinated, and coherent strategies. The remedies must be in black and white, and the solutions illustrated with justifiable monetary figures.

Kenyans are tired of politicians promising what they will do to revive the economy, but after the General elections, it’s like they were in a theatre, and the day of swearing-in is when the curtains are closed. The same will not appear again at the places they promised the poor, and the manufactured empty lies are kept on hold for another five years while wananchi continues to suffer. A vicious cycle without end as nothing is done to improve the lives of poor Kenyans.

There must be genuine leaders shielded so that they don’t speak on behalf of the oppressed. In this election year, Kenyans must use the power of the ballot to vote for such leaders not based on the party affiliation but on their capabilities. Let us vote for genuine leaders, not actors who are good at reciting the same monotonous sweet promises on top of vehicles.

We have hope as we have a true hero- Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga-who has been fighting for the second liberation and was the brainchild behind the BBI advocating for a fair distribution of wealth. The one-man one vote one Shilling was the ideal thing as it was giving hope to that poor child in the densely populated counties who cannot get enough bursary. The same was also trying to address and solve the cycle of political violence that happens soon after every General election.

Kenyans must not entertain Politics of deceit this time around, and all must reject those without any track records. They must come out in large numbers to vote for the party offering hope and continuity of President Uhuru’s Legacy. That party is no other than AZIMIO and this time around, let us not repeat the same mistake we did after the death of Jomo Kenyatta when we allowed Moi to take over. The country suffered for 24 years of dictatorial tyranny, many died in Nyayo torture chambers, and poverty levels increased to proportions never expected before.

Yes, the party that seems determined to bring about needed change in Kenya is Azimio one Kenya Alliance. It contains leaders with a proven track record, unlike the Kenya Kwanza, where the majority are opportunists with many pending court cases. They are not sincere and only seek refuge in the party headed by those who were behind many scandals in the country.

Inawezekana, and if all can gauge the two top contenders based on their past performance and honesty, Hon Raila Amolo Odinga is that man who will ensure that there will be peace and prosperity. Kenya will change for the better and be ready to compete with the rest of the world if, as promised -he continues with the four pillars agenda.

Hon Raila Odinga has also included a fifth pillar of ending corruption by punishing those behind rampant corruption eating the very fabric of society. That is the man who can improve the lives of every Kenyan.

We fail because we do not try!

The writer is the Global President of the Diaspora National Assembly and President of Kenyan Parents in the USA.


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