Kikuyu Diaspora Anniversary In Atlanta Celebrated With Pomp And Glory.


Kikuyu Diaspora anniversary held in Marietta, Georgia USA on Saturday 13th to Sunday 14th, was a very successful event that began, and ended, as per the laid out plans.

When we talk of a successful event, we look at the goals that were accomplished and most of all whether people enjoyed the occasion and gained something from it.

We can comfortably here say that a lot was accomplished in that great event that lasted two days consecutively.

The same is not easy as most people may imagine as a lot of wisdom, teamwork, timing and of course an understanding that we are just part of the creation of something bigger than us. It is with that understanding that we give glory to the Lord as he is the planner of any successful event.

It was an event that will remain in many people’s mind, as it was a time to praise the Lord and thank him for the many achievements accomplished,…… A time to interact with Gospel musicians that came from all corners of the world. 

Ciiru Wa GP was the darling of many and as she took the stage to do her unique leg and hip shaking, the whole hall was illuminated and for a brief moment, many became gospel musician while singing every word that came out of her mouth. They were over excited and all could not get enough of her soothing music, and kept on wanting more and more.

She was not alone as other famous gospel musicians like Naomi Karanja, entertained fans with gospel music that many could recite to the end without missing a word. It was not only music for the newly installed evangelist also prayed for those in distress.

It was a time of rejoicing, a time to dine together, a time for prayers to the weak in spirit, a time for fun, and a time for everything under heaven.

Jeremy has started an unstoppable movement that is in a way attracting more and more fans by the day and this true son of Africa is somehow uniting Kenyans to join together to form a formidable unity, that may soon pave way to the future of a united Diaspora.

Jeremy has embarked on diversity so that the Kikuyu Diaspora radio can yield a fully fledged Diaspora Media that will embrace all Kenyans and shame those that want to dice us with the sole aim of making all to remain fragmented in small tribal groups.

The journey is on and we hereby wish Jeremy wisdom just like Solomon, so as to be able to steer his vision to the next level… and as they say “sky is the limit”,..that could as well be an understatement for this philanthropist is destined to go beyond.





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