Kimengere Says That Kenya Is Run From Mama Ngina’s Kitchen And Prophesies That President Uhuru, Raila, And Ruto, Will Not Be In The Next Kenya Government.


After petitioning the BBI, the vocal politician in self exile, Mr. Kimengere David, famous for his “Sauti ya mnyonge” clarion call, has spoken from Iceland and this time, mincing no words to tell Kenyans who rules the country Kenya believed to have a President called Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta. It’s simply run from Muthaiga, Karen and the office of the President.

He further goes on to disclose that the loan Kenyatta went to sign in France, was initiated by himself a few years back, through the African Development fund and the European union, but this time, we are not getting the full amount, but only interest of the same.

He is a bitter man to note that the pipeline that was started in Kenya, and which has now shifted to Tanzania is due to corruption, and more so the Government complicated and bribe ridden bureaucracy red tapes, that many investors are avoiding. A good example was the Nigerian billionaire turmoil Aloko Dangote over a huge investment of the proposed cement factory in Kenya that would have reduced the price of cement by more than half.

He talks of an evil spirit emancipating from Muthaiga, and Mutahi Ngunyi’s office,(manipulator of perplexing political slogans to fit narratives, first tyranny of numbers during Uhuru period, and now dividing Kikuyus through mukurino church to favor Raila) and advised mama Ngina Kenyatta, to let the son have a free mind to rule Kenya. He further goes on to say that people are taking advantage of the old lady’s advanced age and the same people after doing so, rob the country without Uhuru’s knowledge and only to later hear scandals. He further went on to tell Mutahi Ngunyi words to the effect that the days when mukurinu were despised are long gone “mukurinu ni mundu” na ni mugikuyu”. You remember the metaphor “ni wacemania na mundu, …aaca no mukurinu”,,,Not anymore! He cautioned him to desist from using the analogy of “akurinus”

He says that his Common Wealth voters rights Association, COWE –VOPRA, is recognized by the African Union and his organization, can assist the Government,  to repatriate all the stolen money from Kenya that is hidden in offshore mafia banks.

He says the way forward for Kenya is to have a completely new Government without  players like Uhuru, Raila and Ruto anywhere near as the new Government will be chosen by people themselves and not through BBI. The reason being that the Present leaders are not genuine God fearing people and that is why many innocent “wananchi” continue dying in the functions they attend. They are using the churches to advance their evil agenda but not to receive salvation.

“Kenyans must be prepared as the new Government will be from the “sauti ya munyonge” but not run from Muthaiga, Karen or OP as is the case now”.  “The failure of the current Government is what has led to the much noise in the whole country as people have been pushed to the wall and want a change.

Throughout his talk, he seems not to entirely blame President Uhuru when he clarifies that his shortfalls are brought by no other than William Ruto, Raila, David Murathe and the very many family members and friends confusing mama Ngina Kenyatta to rob Kenyans through inflated tenders.

He further goes on and say his message is a prophesy from God and a new Government without the three that have destroyed the country, will be the beginning of a new dawn of the new “Kenya we want” which will be created by “sauti ya mnyonge”.

He ends by saying that if given a safe path with body guards just like he is currently having wherever he travels in Europe, he is unlike the late Martin Ngatia, Munge, and the vocal Miguna Miguna, as his style of mobilizing the youth, is through a peaceful movement that will change the current Kenya to the “Kenya We Want”.

The soft spoken brave Kenyan, who recently joined the “Global Diaspora Congress”, finally ends his summation in his usual Kikuyu short opening and ending prayers “thai thathaiya ngai thai’ which if directly translated means “let his name be praised”.

Reported by

Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi

Global Diaspora Congress



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