Leaders From Mt. Kenya Region Will Certainly Contribute To The Failure Of President William Ruto Administration.

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Corruption is one of the biggest global issues, ahead of extreme poverty, unemployment, the rising cost of food and energy, climate change, and terrorism“..abstract from oxford Academic.

All recently reported scandals in Kenya, mention leaders mainly from Central province region. The same reminds us of the Nyayo era, when Moi was surrounded by similar myopic Kikuyu leaders and greedy shrewd business people who, while assisted by mainly well-connected Kalenjin operatives, milked dry the economy of Kenya. It was an era when political impunity combined with the worst State capture left many who were against Moi regime to undergo through the worst suffering ever recorded in the history of Kenya.

We now have a Kalenjin as President, and the corruption scandals, which have started emerging from Sugar scandals, car rackets to the importation of edible oils while exempting duty, to mention a few, are similar to the Nyayo era days when Central Province people, assisted by well-connected men close to power engineered all major scandals.

The Central province was a major force in the 2022 elections, and it is now apparent that they intended to have William Ruto in power to loot the Country just like during the days of Moi.

We are here not implying that William Ruto’s men are all saints but judging by the actions of shrewd central province cohorts now supporting the Ruto regime; it’s a clear message that they will contribute significantly to his administration’s failure.

President William Ruto made a mistake in teaming up with all those Uhuru had rejected due to pending court cases, and now the same will in the end cause the obvious failure of his administration.

Those representing people in the Central province intend not to develop the area or assist the poor as promised- but are just for selfish gains so that they can accumulate wealth.

The finance bill is harsh to people with low incomes, and if the same MPs, especially from Central, were sincere, they would have rejected the proposed housing levy and the increased fuel levy that will affect many people.

The same crop of leaders are no different from those we witnessed during the Nyayo era, and history will certainly repeat itself. You will soon start noticing wealthy Kikuyu contractors chasing supply tenders and building contracts, just like during Nyayo days, and then escalating building costs to such a scale never witnessed before.

Kenya is doomed with the current crop of leaders, and unless President William Ruto gets tough on central leaders to serve the people instead of all the time following him in Churches, he will regret it when the same people are rejected in 2027. Their many reckless statements in public places is nothing to admire but to make the Ruto administration to appear not serious.

This is the time to act, and those elected, to work without too much supervision from the head of state but rather, supervision by the head of the public service or the super PS who must take full charge without delay.

Majority of Kenyans are now not trusting the Ruto administration judging from the many expressing dissatisfaction in social media due to high cost of living and the many time specific unfulfilled promises. The Central province leaders must play a big role in bringing back the confidence of the many who had high hopes or else- it will be tough during next General election for William Ruto to garner the same votes he enjoyed under Kenya Kwanza.

It is as easy as acting tough on those tarnishing his administration through graft and prosecuting them in order to warn others not to try. If he is unable, resigning is also an option to allow other Kenyans to lead.

If stringent measures to end corruption are not taken, the Ruto administration will end up worse than the Moi rule, thereafter, leaving Kenya a poor country not able to alleviate much ignorance, poverty and joblessness, especially in Central Province and other parts of the country.

Opinion By.

Arch. Dr. Isaac Kinungi

For The Diaspora Times.

President- Kenyan Parents In USA.

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