Kenya after President Uhuru Kenyatta exit, will require a leader who is genuinely determined to change people’s lifestyle from failures to successful people- and gigantic as it is in a country which is almost at the blink of total destruction, due to massive corruption, and Covid 19 aftereffects, the feat can only be achieved by someone who has a defined genuine innovative vision that transform ideas into real-world triumphant stories.  

That person must demonstrate a lot of integrity, honesty and unquestionably leadership qualities as without those two important ingredient, no real success is possible. He has to demonstrate that he is corrupt free and has never been involved in any activity that has in the past caused untold suffering to many.

The leader must clearly communicate his vision and explain his or her  strategy on how to achieve the goal.

When you listen to Willam Ruto struggling to explain bottoms up economic theory, it’s not convincing how he will achieve good results for he has no idea how the same will be implemented and where the source of funds will come from.

He is unable to communicate his message effectively to Kenyans especially the poor who he surprise them with gifts to make them assume they will continue getting the same when he takes over.

His past also is shrouded with some form of nepotism or tribalistic in nature if you listen to the attached video that will make you to recall his choices of the people he chose to lead major Government Departments unlike his counterpart President Uhuru, who had included all from the political divide.

Apart from having a futuristic vision, he seems not to be the kind of leader with the ability to make the right decisions as evidenced by 2007 tribal clashes where the PEV dilemma has never received any attention.

Decisions taken by leaders have a profound impact on masses and many blame William Ruto for not showing remorse or concern to the families that lost their loved ones as no effort has been made to compensate them or to even to have them return to their legally acquired lands. He was in power and the same would have happened easily but he is not talking about the more than 2,500 displaced persons and how will such a man help the poor. A direct lie as it will never happen.

He has said on public television that certain communities will be chased from Rift valley and even mentioned to Jeff Koinange a Constitution reference to justify his point.

When it comes to accountability,  William need to follow the approach highlighted by Arnold H Glasow when he said, “A good leader takes little more than his share of the blame and little less than his share of the credit.”  . Having That in mind he should have  made sure that people like Rotich were held accountable for their actions even before the determination of the case but we are told through social media whispers that he defended them instead.

When we think about those few qualities of a good leader we are missing,  commitment, passion, empathy, honesty and integrity in William to take over as the head of State and commander in Chief of the armed forces -entrusted to play a vital role in success and continuity of the great Kenyan Nation. We must not entrust such a leader to take over from Uhuru Kenyatta as the country will suffer greatly.

We must remind all not to vote a bad leader after receiving handouts but to make sure that they vote for those who will improve the welfare of all without thinking of which political party affiliations they belong to as long as they can deliver their promises effectively.

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