Article #5-By Rev. Wambui Njoroge, M.Sc.

Sometime this week, we had a discussion with my daughter, Ciru who stated that there should be no forth telling prophecy concerning political elections.  If there is adequate research and analysis of the political environment and the candidates involved are well known; why does anyone need prophecy?  In addition, many citizens should know by now how the elections are going to turn out. Instead of relying on prophecy, can this be about civic education and not necessarily prophecy? My reply was, well, yes and no because forth telling prophecy stands on its own as far as theology is concerned.  We already have the definition of forthtelling prophecy, which is based on sound theology. Therefore, it is important we accept forthtelling prophecy. Ciru said, she is more comfortable with fore-telling prophecy, and noted that the test is the same.  Does God speak to men and women about the outcome of political elections? Of course, my answer was yes. Tip #1: Forthtelling prophesy, research and analysis are all important.

God speaks today: In the past or in the present, there are many ways that God speaks to His people. Examples are that God can speak (1) Directly to one person.  (2) Through His word. (3) Through divinely called and inspired ministers. (4) Through the Holy Spirit. (5) Through providential means. Whether prophecy comes through divinely inspired men and women or through civic knowledge. I insist on the validity of prophecy. Perhaps because there are many citizens who have lost faith in the government, and in the election process. A candidate should not alienate citizens, whose votes are important to their success. Also, by virtue Kenya having a population of 85.52% adherents to Christianity, it means that the citizens have faith and confidence with God speaking through his divinely called ministers. These ministers have received gifts that are called the fivefold ministries- (1) Apostles. (2) Prophets. (3) Evangelists. (4) Pastors. (5) Teach (Ephesians 4:11). It was Jesus Christ who gave the spiritual gifts of the five-fold ministry for the edification of the body.  Not for predicting elections. Tip #2: The Fivefold ministries.

Since the Forth Telling Prophecy contains events based on knowledge, and content which consist of information that is well known as spiritual truth or history, we can then say that post-election peace is possible. In my observation, we need 4 things to happen. The following is an excerpt modified from previous Article #4 on Prayer, Politics and Prophecy.

Kenya can attain Post-Election Peace When the 5 Presidential Candidates lead the way: The 5th Candidate is H.E. Uhuru M. Kenyatta because he is the custodial of the state instruments of power-People, Places and Things.

  • The seated president will sign a promise that he will oversee the peaceful transition of power within the government. (a) Hand over power. (b) Hand over instruments of power to the winner. In 10 years, he has done all the good that was within his power to do– The scripture declares that “Do not withhold good from those to who it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do so.” (Proverbs 3:27). That is H.E. Uhuru legacy.  I will never forget that it is during his administration that the road outside my home was paved. My parents were farmers as well as professionals. During the rainy season, that road made it so hard for my parents to transport produce from point A to B. I hated it when it rained. The rain meant there will be mud “Ndoro, and Utenderu” matope kila pahali…all over the place. So, alongside my Big Sister, the KBS stopped its round route along Muhuri road. We had to walk in the early morning dew on mud and carry water in bottles to wash our feet at the Bus Stop-#87. Then wear shoes and socks, while waiting for the bus to take us to the City High Schools. This summer, I was sent photos that almost made me cry with joy. The Road looks so good to me. Goodbye muddy feet and water bottles…Tip #3: Unforgettable-that is the legacy of the outgoing president.

 (2) Set Back – There are 4 presidential candidates, but only the winner will get the prize. The candidate who is defeated should accept the verdict of the Citizens without incitement of violence. Speak his congratulations to the winner. Asiyekubali si mshindani. Instruct his supporters to be calm and to accept the outcome of elections. Something like, “we ran a good race.” Tip #4: When one has done as best as one can, leave the results to God.

(3) Patience in Success is important: The winner of Decision 2022 will accept the verdict of the Citizens with humility. He should not brag with manenos like, “I told you so, and I knew I could.” On your face type of bragging to instigate issues. Rather, instruct supporters to celebrate gracefully. The new president will have a lot of work in meeting the needs of all Citizens not just the 51% that voted for him. To whom much is given, much is required. Tip #5: Being humble and patient in success is important. 

(4) Fair Justice: If the defeated candidate seeks justice, the judiciary needs to handle any petitions in a timely manner. Tip #6: Fair justice.

Then the other candidates who are running for county seats, can follow that peaceful example. If these 4 things can happen, Citizens can be confident the nation will demonstrate maturity that has not been seen in the last 59 years. Citizens may have taken sides in voting, but all are crying to God with one voice is please, NO POST-ELECTION TRIBAL OR REGIONAL VIOLENCE. NO SHEDDING OF INNOCENT BLOOD FOR WENYE KENYA. Our Lord please hear this prayer. Let there be post-election peace in the land and among Citizens. 2 Chronicles 7:14 reads, “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, and pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.” When we fulfill God’s conditions, He will come and do what only Jehovah Adonai can do. Amen.

Tip #7: Citizens reject and refuse instigating issues or being used to participate in violence and shedding of innocent blood.

Christians believe that a leader comes out of God’s will. Well then, it is God’s will for Citizens to live in peace. Let’s say that the will of God will not take Citizens where the grace of God cannot protect the nation and its people © August 2022.  

Scripture Quotations are from: New King James Version.

Rev. Mrs. Wambui Njoroge is a freelance writer with Kenya Parents In USA-E-paper. You can read more articles on Family, Health, Education, Politics and Religion, at Rev. Wambui’s corner. For comments, email the author/one must have 2 names to identify the origin of comments. revwambuifavored@gmail.com


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