Life abroad is plastic. George Mathenge, a returnee from the UK and now the Principal of Brookhurst International School in Kiserian shares his experience on daring abroad.

The principal of Brookhurst International School in Kenya George Mathenge has said that life abroad is so difficult that a Masters and Phd degree holders can only get a sweeping job and little else.

Mathenge  graduated  from Kenyatta University and after he was not able to get a suitable job, he proceeded to the UK to study and upon graduating he taught in a few schools in London before deciding to go back home.

In his interview with daring abroad presenter, he said that life abroad and most places in Diaspora including America is artificial.

He says while studying in UK, he did menial degrading job to make ends meet and the experience was not exciting.

He choose not to raise his family abroad as the conditions are not conducive.

He now aims at providing international curriculum with the Kenyan warmth.

He is happy that upon arriving back in Kenya, he was able to get a good job something that could not be compared with the teaching jobs he got in UK after completing his Phd.

His advice to those that want to relocate is to be prepared to struggle as life abroad is not all that easy.


The American dream does not happen to those who fall out and in any dream whether in Africa or abroad, one has to persevere but in the end it will bear fruits.

We cannot all conclusively say that life abroad is plastic.

Maybe it was plastic to Mathenge as his expectations were high and after he could not land a good job, he got frustrated.

People have excelled anywhere in the world and our advice to all is to be determined in whatever field you are pursuing as all dreams are valid.




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Perhaps he is talking about his individual experiences. I see it as this excerpt
“The American dream does not happen to those who fall out and in any dream whether in Africa or abroad, one has to persevere but in the end it will bear fruits.”
We cannot compare a third, and a 4th world with a First World. Get real..

The case American case is quite unique.

Ask early settlers and they will tell you that they too had to mix their sweat with American soil to own it. It is not handed on a silver platter.

What is wrong with people? Some here driving cars that neither parents nor great grand parents to the 5th generation saw; living large like no other people.

Please let us read Deut. 28 and always be grateful.

 Lakini Mtu akitaka kurudi nyumbani, wacha arudi.

 And please work on it and don’t call us for a second Harambee to help resettle you back home.

Call us for a farewell party, which one should throw for us your Wanjikûs abroad. Let people decide and resettle themselves. Am just saying living in USA is good no matter the struggle. Well you all know I like this country & value freedom here.

Paul Njoroge reactions

Life is a Journey not a destiny.

Totally agree with Mr. Gitau,

People struggle everywhere, people thrive everywhere. Struggling is not an obvious sign of failure, it could be a path designed by our maker to a place called there or destiny. 

If we met Joseph at Potiphar’s house as a house boy, we could have possibly written him off. I wonder what we would have said about him or call him if we found him in prison cell, a convict, a rapist, a failure? That was not his destiny but a journey and a path designed by his master for a reason and for a purpose. It all happened in one day and Joseph stepped into his destiny. 

Don’t let where you are or what you do define who you are, God is taking you somewhere. Be in want of everything else as you might not have control of, but never be in want of character and integrity. MAY WE KNOW WHO WE ARE AND WHOSE WE ARE.

Paul Njoroge is an administrator and a regular contributor to KPIUSA newspaper.

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