Ambassador of Christ spreading hope in Seattle- REV WAMBUI NJOROGE:

Rev Wambui Njoroge



Saturday 23 at Highline Community College, Des Moines, WA

Rev Wambui Njoroge

I hold a Family Enrichment Education Forum Annually in Seattle and I was there for the 6th Year. In the forum we highlight community wellness, staying, connected to Kenyans in Diaspora, Career Paths way for both Young and Older adults and the most desired Forum is for Children and Youth. In this forum Children and youth Sit down with adults and talk about how to bridge generational and cultural barriers. How to harness our families rich African heritage to prayerfully and cooperatively bridge the Africans vs Americans cultural divide. The aim of the forum is to inform, inspire and empower families. We use current information with a view of One Academic year, that is 2019-2020 Year. By the time we are in 2020, we should know what to expect in our families for 2021. You see we need a clear vision of our families, just like we do in other areas like business. We need a Family vision and plan. Family goals,and,clear objectives. We have to be purposeful about family life. Our view of family is Christian strength based. We aim to tap into our community of faith strength as well in order to see families in Diaspora succeed. 

After the forum, usually I plan an integrated ministry activity in the city the Lord sends me. The goal is to make the experience rich, relevant and meaningful. To accomplish this, I build in the visit one extra day to explore the environment of the families who attend the forum. For example, When in Kenya, I visit a game park or a place of interest. Last time I was in Kenya my friends, the Kinyanjuis drove me around Kiambu County and past Ndung’u Ya Wangigì too. I saw first hand the massive development in housing referred to by many in Kenya as Diaspora development. “What Diaspora people are investing,” they said.”
Ndoigire mbu, ngainûka kû? Na ciakiruo ndì rûraya.
(Where shall I return if I don’t build while they are building when I am abroad).

*Integrated Ministry*: On this day last week, I visited down town Seattle or what I would call the heart of Seattle…there by the harbor….

In the Past 5 years, I have heard about African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest but I wanted to see it for myself. My host the Mungais and Mrs. Gishuru arranged for me to visit. I was fortunate that it happened during the Chambers Quarterly Breakfast meeting.
The African Chamber of Commerce is the genius idea of Mr. Peter Gishuru. He seats comfortably in his Chair in this conference room that is on the same floor as the Mayor of Seattle Offices. Mr.Gishuru exhibits a calm confidence. Today his young son is attending the meeting and so is his Brother-in Law. He must have done something right because this meeting is evident of our strength in diversity. It’s all business.
Oh my their Offices are located in down town Seattle…in this high rise building on 6th Avenue…the view is breathtaking. It reminded me of Offices in Manhattan, NY. They are absolutely fantastic.

The African Chamber of commerce is celebrating 20 years in 2019. Mr. Gishuru has created a legacy for the time,he has lived on USA. My friends, dream do come true. Hold on to your African or American dream. The AC0C is celebrating 20 years of exemplary work. You can tell I was quite impressed.

The featured Keynote Speakers were Bob Deane, International Trade Specialist, U.S. Department of Commerce;
Lee Gibbs, Regional Export Finance Manager, U.S. Small Business Administration; Christine Kelley, Commerce Officer Promoting the Access Nigeria-US Fair. 

In this type of meeting one can:
⏺0btain guidance on how to export products to Africa from key federal government trade officials.
⏺Network and exchange information with other members pursuing export opportunities in Africa.
⏺Get updated on quarterly events impacting economics and business environment in Africa.
(From AC0C flyer)

My individual view:
1. Umoja ni Nguvu. For a Chamber of this magnitude and so resourceful, it is important to harness Africans in Diaspora. So the vision need to be larger than one country in order to gain recognition.
2. As Africans in Diaspora We can build a bridge to Africa for business and share necessary resources to reach the continent.
USA has many resources that can help improve the quality of life. In other words, how resourceful are we for Africa beyond meeting our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter?

If a group of people from Southeastern or Midwestwent states who are business minded, and who can think globally want to know more, this African Chamber of Commerce is a good model. I was a business major in undergraduate until I changed in my Junior year…I know a good business when I see one. This is a great model.

Being optimistic is wonderful, but the best approach would be for those few visionary individuals interested in doing global business to
attend the Chamber Annual business Forum, which is coming up on October 19th/in Seattle, WA so they can get a more & true comprehensive glimpse of the entire program, meet the partners and program recipients and then start from there. 

How can one tell they have a good model? They are celebrating 20 years of business. It seems to me that their success is going global and looking at Africa which is open for business…many African countries are emerging business markets…how about Africans doing business with Africa.

The meeting was attended by people from many business sectors, including Kenya Airways Rep, Faith Community Reps, Educators and Evangelists like me had a great opportunity to listen to dynamic speakers in global business. 

Thanks to my family for letting me travel far and’away to minister. Seattle, WA families who have planned with Family Forums annually. We Could not have done it without your prayerful support. 

And to ACOC-VP: Ms. Nyambura Mugo for the invitation & warm reception at ACOC. 
To get in touch with the Chamber/
Tel: 206.256.6139/

20th Year of African Chamber of Commerce, Quarterly Breakfast. Here with Founder Mr. Peter Gishuru. Dreams Do Come True.

Talk of a man who has seen the American dream longer than any other Kenyan and you will be back biting Mr Peter Gishuru ( no mistake it’s as written)

Mr. Peter Gishuru/President of African Chamber of Commerce of the Pacific Northwest. Probably the One Single Person who has been in the USA continuously since 1963. We can truly learn a lot from Mr. Gishuru.

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