Lock Downs And Border Closures Will Not Stop Corona Virus: DNA UK CS Education And Diaspora Empowerment, Hon. David Githaiga, Tells The Kenyan Government.


Lock downs and border closures won’t stop coronavirus  .. coronavirus can only be stopped by finding a cure, a vaccine  or preventative measures like washing hands, social distancing and sanitizing among others.

The government’s got to look after people’s lives and their livelihoods as well.

Economics lock down will in the long run cause irreversible damage which will be more devastating than the corona-virus itself  .. It’s therefore good to strike a delicate balance between lock down and economy as money is needed to fight the epidemic.

Without money, corona-virus will become even worse as it may not end in the near future.

Remember it took 20 years to get a drug to control Aids …are we then going to be on lock down for all that  time?  That will be hilarious and callous.

We got to carry on and learn how to live and defend ourselves from corona-virus just like we do in the case of other airborne diseases like TB and the common Flu which also kill in large numbers.

The DNA Chief whip Hon Ileko Mugalla felt that the border closure was something that could have been easily prevented if the Kenyan Government would have reached out to their neighbors and had a neighborly chat about their intentions and potential consequences.

On the recent Presidential appointments of 8 experts to Economic Recovery Council, Hon Githaiga added that it needed serious and real experts in the field and had this to say.

The reality of governance around the world is that regrettably, you need influential political machinery behind such a group for their expertise to be taken seriously & acted upon.
Part of the reason why DNA’S very smart ideas only end up gathering dust in the warehouse of our Hansard is because we lack that kind of machinery behind them.

We don’t like it but it’s the political reality of the times.

He was supported by Hon Elizabeth Kangethe the UK DNA Deputy President who posed the question:

Do we have a shortage of expertise in Kenya as all we see is recycling of the same people who are not even conversant in the field they are supposed to find solutions?

The name of Hon Raila Odinga in the list of the team of experts did not amuse Hon Githaiga and many DNA members due to the fact that Hon Raila Odinga is an Engineer by Profession and not an economist. Many felt that it would be appropriate for the Kenyan Government to be extending such appointments to those economists in the Diaspora with international exposure.

Hon David Githaiga

UK CS Education And Empowerment at Diaspora National Assembly.

Copied to CS Mutahi Kagwe and to our DNA Ambassador and Foreign Affairs CS Hon James Kairu.

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