Lost And Found In Advanced Age But Still Optimistic To Continue Living The American Dream.


A Kenyan going by the name James Mugweru, came to America 60 years ago when many would look up in the sky to admire the very few air-crafts that would fly past villages taking few lucky Kenyans and others to the land all would envy,… “America”.

When you think of the many years this Kenyan has lived in america, you will start imagining that he possesses a chain of businesses like some of his age-mates colleagues back home but it’s sadly to the contrary.

Is it the end of the road for this Kenyan as many are now assuming and the answer is a big NO.

Life is a strange adventure all the same and when one is still focused and able to move around, miracles can happen to anyone and with that in mind, we therefore cannot conclusively say that James Mugweru’s life is over until he cannot move no more.

Yes…no one should give up in life, in this land of the plenty, as you can one fine morning slowly walk up to a store, and boom! …purchase a winning lottery ticket. It has happened to many and it can happen to James.

James Mugweru has lived in America for many years and not until recently, did he ever know or imagined that not far from his Christian City Retirement Home, loving people from his native country existed, but they did, after he was connected with people who do not know that defeat exist.(Thanks mostly goes to Madam President)

That day he first met many Kenyans and fitted well at a Predominantly Kikuyu’s  church in Marietta Georgia K.A.C.C, (clarification: Church welcomes all races but majority are Kikuyu’s) was an ineffable experience that can cause heart attack to many weak souls but to this Kenyan, it was the beginning of a new life. A new life mixing with young people, and not his once upon a time compatriots like the late Mr J.J. Kamotho or the late famous Dr. Gikonyo Kiano whom he could have easily bumped into each other during the years of the famous Tom Mboya airlift.

Excerpts from Christine Muchene is hereby attached not to twist as she was among the few not to discover the Mississippi river, but to discover a man living in abject poverty and isolated from the rest of the Kenyans. I will not even edit the same as the author is an Alma Mater of the famous Precious Blood Riruta girls in those years when schools were schools. She shook many those years with her first class division that left her name engraved in that famous missionary school till this day.

This is the story which is accompanied by a passionate funds appeal.

NOTE (There are a few of his age that are still in America… like one in California named Gishuru who still continue offering advice to members of chamber of commerce)

A journey that was started in March is now almost complete.
Mr. James Mugweru came to this country through the famous educational air lift organized by the late Tom Mboya in 1959.

He has returned to Kenya ONLY 2 times in those 60 years he has been in this country.
Around March last year, I was approached by a young man in Kenya to help trace his grandfather whom they had never seen but would hear from stories that he lives in America. It however did not take me long to fish him out of Riverdale Georgia thanks to internet.
I thereafter introduced him to my church family – KACC and they contributed his ticket to Kenya and he is now all set to depart on Feb. 19th.

I would like to thank all those who have walked this one year journey with him providing much needed stuff and above all loving him as Christ would do. He has always been intrigued by the concern some of you have shown.

Mr. Mugweru has 2 living siblings aged 100 and 80. who are eager and looking forward to reuniting with their lost brother.
Mr. Mugweru is now 84 years and lives in a facility in Union city for seniors. I have been unable to trace his purported children.
I am writing to beg you good people to assist him with some pocket money through my CashApp 6788878256.
Lastly, I am packing his suitcases and if any one of you have some new shirts, shoes that he can wear or even gift to give his relatives it will be appreciated. His brother has a wife size 20 or 22 and his Centurian sister would also love something from Majuu and if any one can get in touch i will provide the sizes.

Finally thank you Atlanta Kenyan community for believing in my Judgment towards serving God’s people. Without all of you, I would not be of help to the community. God bless.


Christine Continues:

We do hope that he will come back as you all know that after having lost reality with a country he left long time ago, it can be rough especially in old age and the most needed health care can be out of reach due to lack of money. This man has been away for too long and those back home could be having high expectation of him and if the same is not there, the happiness may just be temporary leading to abandonment. He left Kenya undeveloped and the whole country will be strange not to mention the culture shock. We all the same hope that God will guide him and to the great people who have given him great love, God bless all.

Chances are he will come back as he cannot fit in Kenya after even loosing his mother tongue and cannot fluently speak Kiswahili which is also forgotten. It is not easy for James as this is simply a very sad case and maybe a lesson for many, to be prepared and able to face the uncertain unknown future.







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