How can a country progress if this is how it is run? All for one man.

After reading this many will just say like Caus Cassius while addressing Brutus in reference to Ceasor with the opening words “Why man he doeth bestrides the narrow world like a colossus and we petty men, walk under his huge legs and peep about to only find ourselves in his underlings”

Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previous corruption scandal, the Goldenberg affair.

Joshua Kulei has represented ex-president Daniel Arap Moi in over 50 companies operating in Kenya across all sectors of the economy.

He also used banks in Luxembourg for ex-president Moi’s confidential banking According to the report, Kulei has now relinquished all of his assets held under his name on behalf of the Moi family with the exception of ex-president Moi’s flower business,

The Trans-National Bank and NAS. (page 18) Ownership of businesses 1. Trade World Kenya – 100% 2. CFC Bank 12.5% 3. CMC Holdings 15-20% (Client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director)

4. Hotel intercontinental Nairobi 19% 5. Sian Roses 40% 6. Ngata Flower Farm 50% (page 19) 7. Bamburi Cement 14% (Client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director) (page 19) 8. KTN (page 19) 9. National Milling Company (page 19) 10. Kenya Aerotech Ltd‚ Shareholder and also Nominee Director (page 19) 11. Regent Management‚ Not Known (page 19) 12. Siginon Freight‚ 12.5%, Kabarak High School and client material Indicates Kulei also Nominee Director (page 19) Sits on the Board of Governors for the following schools and universities 1. Sacho High School (page 21) 2. Moi High School Kabarak (page 21) 3. Sunshine Secondary School (page 21) 4. Moi Educational Centre (page 21) 5. Kabarak University Council (page 21) Trustee of 1. Sunshine Educational Trust (page 21) Management Board member in 1. The Moi Africa Institute Kabarnet Gardens, Nairobi (page 21) Properties In the UK 1. 19 Eaton Park, Cobham, Surrey KT11 2JF valued at around 4.5 million sterling pounds (page 22) 2. Flat 11 No. 49, Lowdnes Square, London, valued at 2 million sterling pounds (page 22) In Kenya: 1. Courtyard Property Investment Ltd (page 22-23) 2. Regent Management‚ real estate holdings believed to be about 200 houses in all (page 23) 3. Lavington House (page 23) 4. Karen Residence (page 23) 5. Nakuru Residence (page 23) 6. C. Owns several unidentified properties in the United States of America (page 23) 7. D. Has property interests in South Africa (page 23) Bank Balances (page 26) Business Associates 1. Terrer Kulei (page 26-27) 2. Pankaj Somaia (page 27) 3. Ketan Somaia (page 27) 3 2 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom trave… 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previo… 2/11 4. Josiah Kiplagat (page 27-28) 5. Alnoor Kassam (page 28) 6. Mr. Tum (page 28) Gideon Moi Gideon Moi , son of ex-President Daniel arap Moi and a current (2007)

Gideon Moi

Son of ex-President Daniel arap Moi and a current (2007) member of the Kenyan parliament. [13] Ownership of businesses Client Material indicates ownership of the following: 1. Giro Bank ‚Äì Held under Asian nominee businessmen 2. Taurino Enterprises 3. As alleged by Msamaha 4. KTN (Owned Standard Newspapers) – (page 19) 5. Siginon Freight ‚Äì 12.5% – (page 19) 6. Trans-National Bank – (page 19) 7. Kent ship Maritime (page 30) 8. Sielei Properties Ltd (page 30) 9. Giant Holdings Ltd (page 30) 10. Revak Ltd (page 30) 11. Sudbury Ltd (page 30) 12. Sudbury Investments (page 30) 13. Giant Forex Bureau (page 30) 14. Westfield International Ltd (page 30) 15. Chesco Ltd (page 30) 16. Hampstead Enterprises (page 30) 17. Metipso Services Ltd (page 30). 18. Maternity Shop (page 30) 19. Eagle Airlines (page 30) 20. Chemusian Company (page 30) 21. Fresh Produce Ltd (page 30) 22. Siginon Freight ‚Äì 12.5% (page 30) 23. Cartrack Kenya Ltd (page 30) 24. First American Bank (page 30) 25. Equatorial Bank (page 30) 26. The Sasine Group of farms (page 30) 27. Cable Wireless (page 30) 28. The Duty Free Company (page 31) 29. Eveready Company (H. Young) (page 31) 30. Tobacco Farm in Malawi ‚Äì 100% (page 31) 31. Chester House ‚Äì 50 % (page 31) 32. Safaricom Kenya (together with Biwott, Charles Field Marsham) ‚Äì 40% (page 31) Source Enquiries indicate that Gideon owns the following: 1. Property ownership‚ÄîOwned in Italy and Sultanate of Brunei (page 55) 2. Cut Tobacco Ltd (page 56) 3. Bank Accounts‚ÄîSultanate of Brunei (page 56) 4. Sandhurst Matrix Inc (page 56) 5. Saphire‚ÄîManaged by Mr. Sevak (page 56) 6. Garlan Investments‚ÄîDirector ‚Äî Dr. Clemente (page 56) Preliminary results of global searches conducted under Garian investments and Sandhurst Matrix Inc have not revealed any findings. Further searches are required. (page 56) Properties In the UK 1. Allegedly has two properties in London held under a trust set up by Mukesh Gohil (page 31) 2. In South Africa: Owns a number of properties in South Africa. His frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi, has 74 properties listed under closed corporations all of which are registered in his name. (page 32) Finance 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previo… 3/11 1. United Kingdom: By the year 2002, Gideon‚Äôs cash in various banks overseas amounted to 550 million sterling pounds (page 32) 2. Grand Cayman (page 32) 3. Luxembourg (page 32-33) 4. Dubai: Allen & Overy holds all of Gideon‚Äôs accounts (page 33) 5. South Africa: Has accounts in South Africa and possibly Malawi. Gideon‚Äôs frontman is Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 33) Kenya 1. Eurobank: Currently under liquidation (page 34) 2. Giro Bank: Allegedly owns Giro Bank under a front of Asian nominees (page 34) 3. Trust Bank: Under Liquidation (page 35) 4. Citibank ‚Äì prime exit point for Gideon‚Äôs cash to his off-shore accounts (page 35) 5. ABN AMRO – to move illegally obtained cash emanating from corrupt deals to safe havens in off-shore accounts (page 35) 6. First American Bank: Client material suggests Naushad Merali and ex-president Moi control First American Bank (page 35) 7. SAMUT Trust: All of Gideon‚Äôs monies invested in Kenya are held by a trust called SAMUT (page 35-36) Business Associates 1. Mukesh Gohil (page 37) 2. Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 37) 3. Joshua Orwa Ojode (page 37) 4. Jared Kamgwana (page 37) 5. Dr. Kiplagat (page 37-38) 6. Donald Kipkorir (page 38) Nicholas Biwott Nichalos Biwott, a wealthy Kenyan businessman and politician, previously linked to a number of crimes and corruption scandals though never convicted. [14] Ownership of Businesses 1. Kobil Petrol ‚Äì 100% (page 39) 2. Barsirim Investment ‚Äì 100% (page 39) 3. Kiosinende Farm ‚Äì 100% (page 39) 4. Rono Ltd. ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 5. HZ Consrtruction and Engineering ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 6. HZ Group of Companies ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 7. LZ Engineering ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 8. Yaya centre (worth Kshs. 3.5 billion) ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 9. Premier Group of Companies ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 10. Air Kenya Aviation ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 11. Pete Aviation and Electronics Ltd ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 12. Ziba Management and Services ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 13. HZ Group of Companies, Israel ‚Äì 100% (page 40) 14. Lima Kenya ‚Äì 50% (page 40) 15. Air Kenya ‚Äì 50% (page 40) 16. National Milling Corporation ‚Äì shareholder (page 40) 17. Safaricom Kenya (together with Gideon Moi, Charles Field Marsham) ‚Äì 40% (page 40) 18. Team Simoco (He is majority shareholder) (page 102) Open research indicates ownership of: 1. Kenol-Kobil ‚Äì Biwott controlled 17% of the private oil industry in Kenya (page 40) 2. Petrol Stations in Uganda operated through Kenol-Kobil and worth Kshs. 7 billion (page 40) 3. Wesmont ‚Äì Independent power producer company owned by Biwott and Harbinder Sethi Singh (page 40) 4. Grand Diani Reef Hotel (page 40-41) 5. Regional Air (page 41) 6. H. Young and Company (page 41) 7. S. R Telecommunications Co. Ltd (page 41) 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previo… 4/11 8. First American Bank (page 41) 9. Pan African Bank (no longer in operation) (page 41) 10. Middle East Bank (page 41) 11. Trans-National Bank (page 41) 12. Government of Kenya (page 41) Open research indicates law firms representing his interests are: 1. Shapely & Berret Advocates (page 41) 2. Esmail & Esmail (page 41) 3. Kapila & Kapila (page 41) 4. De Gama Rose Advocates (page 41) 5. Law firm established by daughter Rita Biwott (page 41) Properties 1. Kenya: bought a house in Riverside Drive from the Irish embassy that was paid for offshore on an undisclosed date (page 42) Finance Kenya 1. Middle East Bank: Biwott purchased Middle East Bank using Akber Esmail as a nominee (pg42) 2. Trade Bank: Biwott transferred his operations to Trade Bank, then owned by Alnoor Kassam. It‚Äôs also alleged that Trade bank was involved in export financing fraud to a # quantum of about Kshs. 700 million, that Trade Bank took over Yaya center from Kassam and that Solomon Muthamia, a forex dealer with the bank was entrusted with laundering the proceeds of Turkwell Gorge on behalf of Biwott and Moi. (page 42-45) 3. Pan African Bank: Kobil banked with Pan African Bank Switzerland 1. Credit Suisse and Citibank (page 46) 2. Bank Cantonale Vaudoise: Significant amounts of money being moved from Bank Cantonale Vaudoise on behalf of Biwott (page 46-47) Belgium 1. Banque Belgolaise: Reported that Biwott and ex-president Moi are joint owners of Banque Belgolaise, 40% of which is owned by Biwott (page 47) Business Associates 1. Gad Zeevi (page 47-48) 2. Akber Esmail (page 48-49) 3. Naushad Merali (page 49-50) 4. Horatius de Gama Rose (page 50) 5. Mohammed Bawazir (page 50) 6. Mohammed Aslam (page 51) 7. Alnoor Kassam (page 51 -53) 8. Charles Field-Marsham (page 53) 9. Joseph Schwartzman (page 53-54) 10. Ben Sassoon (page 54) 11. Danny Vardi (page 54) 12. David Bartknowski (page 54) 13. Biwott was involved in the siphoning of funds from th proceeds of Turkwell Gorge Hydro- Electric Dam Project (page 108) Philip Moi Philip Moi , son of ex-President Daniel arap Moi. It is understood that Philip has an estimated wealth of approximately $ 770 million and controls more hidden cash than Gideon, even though significant attention has been directed at the latter. (page 55). Business links 1. Gateway Properties Inc‚Äî1992 documentary evidence (page 55) 2. Paradise Holdings (page 55) 3. Sheraton Holdings (page 55) 4. Hahuru Investors (page 55) 5. General Commodity Dealers (page 55) 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previo… 5/11 6. Kiharu Investors (page 55) 7. Concord Holdings‚ÄîConnected to Goldenberg (page 55) 8. Panafcon Engineering (page 55) 9. Tiger Farm Limited (page 55) 10. Ecta Kenya Limited (page 55) Finance He operates accounts in London‚Äôs Branch of HSBC and Standard Chartered Plc. Barclays Bank (page 57) The details of the account Philip Moi holds at Barclays bank are as follows: Name of Bank: Barclays Bank Plc. Address: Barclays Business Centre Hampstead High Street Branch, 28 Hampstead,London NW3 1 QB Sort Code: 203616 Account Number: 90391158 As this information dates back ten years ago, it is possibly connected to Goldenberg Credit Suisse Zurich, Switzerland. (page 57) Rosanna Moi indicated that in October 2002, Philip Moi lost US Dollrs 15 million to an Italian family on a deal that failed to deliver. This money was paid to his family through Philip‚Äôs Sandhurst Matrix Inc account held at Credit Suisse, Zurich Sultanate of Brunei (page 57) Philip is a close friend of Prince Hamid of Brunei. Moi‚Äôs family has invested heavily through Prince Hamid.The precise details of Philip‚Äôs investments through these investments are not known. Philip‚Äôs wife was planning to spend a vacation of Christmas 2003 in Brunei with their children. Business Associates 1. Zara/Rosanna Moi (page 57) 2. Dr. Clemente (page 58) 3. Akasha Family (page 59) 4. Muzahim (page 59) KTM report country index What follows is a list of countries (excluding Kenya) involved in the holdings, transactions and other links of Moi’s associates, as detailed in the original leaked report, KTM_report.pdf . Australia Target 3’s wife lived in Australia (page 15) Biwott’s investment with commercial interests in Australia (page 39) Biwott / Ownership of a 10.000 hectare ranch (page 40) Mukesh Gohil / Directorship of two companies (page 65) Mukesh Gohil / Shantilal Brother (Australia) Pty Ltd (page 85) Mukesh Gohil / South Austral Pty Ltd (page 86) Belgium Biwott / Moi (joint?) ownership of Banque Belolaise (page 47) Team Simoco / Simens International / Siemens Atea, the Belgian branch (page 104) Brunei Philip is a close friend of Prince Hamid of Brunei (page 57) Moi’s family has invested heavily through Prince Hamid (page 57) Philip’s wife and children were planning to spend Christmas 2003 vacation in Brunei (page 57) Canada Charles Field-Marshal / Biwott’s son in law, manager Yaya Center / canadian citizenship and present residence (page 53) Dubai Saimon Roadrekearek of Allen & Overy (page 33) Gideon telephone call to Mukesh (page 36) Finland Public sector related fraud / Generators from Finland (page 110) Germany $200 million laundered via Frankfurt (page 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previo… 6/11 Solomon Muthamia / Biwott’s funds channelled to bank accounts in Germany (page 45) PAB / Aslam / Biwott’s money recycles through unidentified German bank (page 46) Team Simoco / Siemens International / Siemens Group (page 104) Proceeds of Turkwell Gorge Hydro-Electric Dam Project / Unidentified banks (page 108) Grand Cayman Gideon / Ken Boit (page 32) Israel Biwott’s investment with commercial interests (page 39) Zeevi’s present residence / under investigation (page 48) Danny Vardi / Israeli national, former Israeli Defence Force, an advidor to the Israeli government of natural gaz projects (page 54) David Bartknowski / Israeli national, Gad Zeevi’s former CFO (page 54) Italy Philip Moi / property ownership (page 55) Zara/Rosanna Moi / Philip’s Italian wife / numerous bank operations (page 57) Zara/Rosanna Moi travelled from Italy to Leichtenstein and Switzerland (page 57) Zara/Rosanna Moi is relatively unknown, so Philip prefers to use her as his ‘Italian connection’ (page 58) Philip refuses to visit Italy, uses Dr. Cliemente to recover money (page 58) Mrs Moi was visiting Italy to meet Dr. Cliemente to discuss money (page 58) Philip provided cover to Italian families dealing with drugs in Malindi (page 59) Japan Naushad Merali / contract secured to supply Daihatsu 4x4s to government parastatals (page 49) Jersey Millions held (page Leichtenstein Zara/Rosanna Moi made visits to Leichtenstein (page 57) Liberia Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59) Luxembourg Kulei / Moi / Gideon / CitiCorp / CitiBank / UBP (page 33) Malawi Tobacco farm owned by Gideon (page 31) Gideon’s meeting with Habinder Singh Sethi (page 37) Namibia President Sam Nujoma (page 13) Meeting with President Nujoma (page 29) Netherlands Team Simoco / Background / Philips Electronics N.V. (page 102) Puerto Rico Moi / Biwott / Zeevi’s investment in oil refineries (page 48) Russia Zeevi / Chernoy corrupt dealings Somalia Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59) South Africa 74 closed corporations under the name of Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 10) Gideon (page 13) Kulei has property interests (page 23) 74 closed corporations under the name of Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 32) Gideon / Harbinder Singh Sethi (page 33) Sethi holds many of Gideon’s assets, a ranch (page 37) Sethi flew the Moi’s carrying cases of dollars (page 37) Gideon / Kiplagat / sale of $650,000 Durban-based residential property (page 38) Harbinder Singh Sethi / resident in Sandton, Johannesburg (page 65) 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed as a result of a previo… 7/11 Harbinder Singh Sethi / property (pages 66-67) Sethi / ‘member’ of 74 closed corporations (pages 68-71) Sudan Muzahim / Philip / counterfeiting (page 59) Switzerland $200 million laundered via UBP. (page Geneva launder Gabriel Moussa Katri (page $100-$500 million laundered via UBP (page Transfer orchestrated by Mukesh Gohil (page Credit Swiss / Sandhurt Matrix / Dr Clemente / Garian Investments (page 9) Gabriel Moussa Katri’s $200 million launder / UBP (page 24, 25) PAB / Aslam / Biwott’s money recycles through unidentified Swiss bank (page 46) Zeevi and Biwott’s accounts Credit Suisse in Geneva and Citiban in Zurich (page 46) Zeevi / $12 million credit from Credit Suisse (page 46) Biwott / significant amount of money moved from Banque Cantonale Vaudoise (page 46) Philip Moi / lost US$15 million process paid through account held at Credit Suisse, Zurich (page 57) Zara/Rosanna Moi visited Lugano in Ticino, a remote area but with over 100 banks (page 57) ‘Not surprising’ that Zara should visit Lugano, since major international drug barons favor this destination (page 58) Gabriel Moussa Katri / Banque Patrimoines Prives Geneve BPG SA (pages 89-90) Gabriel Moussa Katri / Discount Bank and Trust Company “The Recanati Bank” (pages 90-91) Gabriel Moussa Katri / Union Bancaire Privee (pages 91-92) Gabriel Moussa Katri / Banque Privee de Rothschild S.A. (pages 92-93) Uganda Ownership of petrol stations operated through Kenol-Kobil (page 40) Biwott expelled in 1972 (page 48) Damani Harshad / Article in ‘The Monitor’ / Ugandan individual (page 79) United Kingdom Mukesh Gohil / Citibank (page 9) HSBC / Standard Chartered PLC / Barclays (page 10, 56) 6.5 million pounds laundered into Surrey and Knightsbridge (page 10) Sovereign Group Ltd / Sovereign holdings (page 11) Hotels in London (page 13) Kulei and Moi properties in Surrey (page 22) Broadlands Overseas S.A (page 22) Lowdnes Square London (page 22) Kulei stock brokers (page 27) Gideon / Mukesh Gohil properties in London (page 31) 550 million pounds laundered via Citibank (page 32) Mukesh / Gideon holdings in London (page 32) Chales Field-Marsham / code-sharing arrangement with British Airways (page 41) Rayner / resident in the UK (page 44) Solomon Muthamia / Biwott’s funds channelled to bank accounts in UK (page 45) Field Marsham / work in an international investment bank in London (page 53) Philip Moi / issue cheques for the purchase of equipment for manufacturing cooking fat (page 56) Philip Moi / used HSBC account to buy equipment for Cut Tobacco Ltd. (page 56) Philip Moi / signed ‚ǧ500000 Barclays Bank cheques for and behalf of Gateway Properties Inc (page 56) Mukesh Gohil / Properties in Middlesex, Bedfordshire and Leicestershire (pages 61-64) Mukesh Gohil / Directorship of 3 companies (pages 64-65) Sethi / former directorships of 3 companies (page 67) Naushad Noorali Merali / Directorships in 2 companies (page 73) Merali / Holdings in several companies (pages 73-74) Rohit Pattni / Two properties in Middlesex and Surrey (pages 75-76) Rohit Pattni / Director of 6 companies (pages 76-78) Vaju Pattni / KP’s brother is in London, travels to Birmingham, Manchester (page 79) 5/25/2019 Joshua Kulei , Former “personal assistant” to President Daniel arap Moi, on whom travel restrictions were imposed

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