These are difficult times as we are all trying to fight COVID 19, but despite this pandemic we are still able to reach out and help with the little we have and that is why yesterday 21st June, together with Wakenya Watenda Wema charity group, we visited Mama Elizabeth children’s home in Korokocho. By 9 am in the morning we were already settling down and we immediately started preparing lunch.

The home hosts 46 children and feeds more than 50 other children whose parents cannot afford. To my surprise the home sometimes feeds even the parents of those kids some of whom are expectant and alcoholics. Antony Sheriff, the person managing the home, told us that he had just been told about an incident where a class six girl is expectant.

It is true that we cannot solely blame lack of sanitary towels for such cases but I am convinced beyond doubt that if we give these girls free sanitary towels and in the process mentor them then we can reduce such cases.

This home being in the middle of a slum faces a lot of challenges including the fact that they do not have an appropriate structure where the children can sleep in. Sheriff is trying to reach out to well-wishers who can donate anything that can help in building the children a stable home, may it be iron sheets, wood, doors, windows, etc. You can reach out through +254721372688.

 Keeping a Girl in School is very close to my heart and so are all the people who have sacrificed in order to support this project. Through your help we were able to buy sanitary towels for the 48 girls who benefit from this home, a bail of tissue and bar soaps.

We were also able to have a moment where we created awareness on menstrual hygiene and encouraged the girls to avoid early pregnancies.

In a very special way, I want to thank The Kenyan Parents in the USA for their unending support, all my friends and family who have supported me both financially and emotionally because it doesn’t always come easy but you have been with me every step of the way.

 Also, my regards to Wakenya Watenda Wema for hosting us and Parrain Foundation for joining us.

 For more information call + 254746246896 Email – Instagram – Keeping a girl in school.

 For donation – mpesa till number 5216261 KCB Bank account – 1274781965.

Wamuyu Kuira, Ivy


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