Meaning of the word huduma as we make a compassionate appeal to the President.



Mr. President.

We the kenyans in the Diaspora hope you do understand what it means to go to Huduma centers to register for Huduma number.

His EXCELLENCY what happened to your pledge of taking services to the people?

Sir has someone pointed to you that unlike in Kenya where you can drive from one corner of the country to the other America is so huge that one needs to take a plane from one state to the other.

 My president I know you listen to your people and its for this reason that we let you know that the Kenyans in the USA Diaspora are willing to take care of the machines that should be brought to us so that we can do the registration.

With those few remarks Mr. president Hope U Do Understand  My Agony.

Yours Faithfully,

Kuira Wa Kabiru

Kuira Wa Kabiru has a story not yet told to Kenyan Parents In USA but it will be featured in the next few weeks.

It’s an amazing story of striving to Maintain the Kenyan culture and traditions, its a story of finding your roots and a story revealing that Africans already Knew God even before the coming of the white missionaries Kraph and Rebman.

Stay tuned as we await a reply from the President.

1.Copied to Head of the Diaspora State House

2.Kenya Embassy DC


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