Miguna Miguna Outbursts Bordering Insanity

File Picture Made black And White As He Has No Empathy Left In Him

The recent outbursts by deported self proclaimed General, Miguna Miguna and directed at high profile people in Kenya, has left many perplexed and not sure where to begin to describe this character that may now be bordering to insanity or even beyond.  

He has grappled foolishly to engage the head of State Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and Raila’ son Junior with some shameful baseless trivialities which are not only disturbing, but which can also create tensions among families attacked.

The recent utterances has eroded trust to any earlier feeling of sympathy if some felt it towards him, while putting off any diverse freedom of association or comradeship  that has been existing after his illegal removal from Kenya.

His rants now cast doubts and can fully center into our complexities of distancing him as a thinker and placing him to those derailed minds roaming the earth.

His mind has been turned into a boiling volcano of white matter only throwing ashes of evil in liquid streams, that are coming out with intense heat to attack innocent people some who could be his children age.

His recent utterances has no intellectual thoughts that can come up with any solution for Kenya, but just inviting a hidden past world of baseless evil thoughts lacking logics or direction.

Every thought if he has any, has been molten in the furnace of his own heart making him to lack that indefinable thing we call genius and instead, he is only left with fed or imagined fragments of hatred that could have bordered to treason if we were still under the old constitution.

Do we really want to hear Uhuru’s paternal history or his education from this simpleton whose Law degree may have been consumed by madness itself long time ago?

Do we want at this time to dwell on Raila’s past or that of his son?

We can only advise this goon nincompoop to see a psychiatrist or visit the nearest mental hospital ASAP.

Miguna you are not a leader but a pathetic evil maniacal windbag that urgently needs Jesus so that your soul may be saved without delay.

We also urge Junior,.. not to engage in replying the simpleton for he will hurt you further. He is not your level but a destitute in a foreign land therefore, don’t engage him,… but simply ignore him and assume that he does not exist.





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