Moi Day, A Day For Mourning Not Celebrations.


How fast people forget!

It is inconceivable to me that anybody, leave alone our country or government would want,  or even dream of celebrating so called Moi Day.

    1. Moi Day was a copycat act by an insecure President Moi to try and show that he was as good as his predecessor, President Jomo Kenyatta.
      2.  Nobody ever explained what Moi day was about.
     3. For those of us who lived our prime years during Moi’s Misrule and Incompetence, and whose eyes and minds are not foggy for whatever reason,  Moi day should be a day for mourning.
    3. Incessant University closures,  trumped up subversion movements like Mwakenya, Pambana,  etc… Detention without trial,; Corruption and outright theft of National resources; running down of economy; killing and maiming of political dissenters…. I could go on forever.

The fact that the country just celebrated Moi Day without any hint of shame is a strong indictment of us, as a people and a Nation.

With this kind of behavior and mindset,  I believe the country will remain backward; Socially, Morally and Economically for a long time to come.

History will be very unkind, and justifiably so to this generation. A generation of wasted people and opportunities.

Uhuru, Ruto, Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and the other top leaders of tomorrow are still going to Moi, even in his advanced age and senility to tap into his overflowing wisdom.

How fast do we forget. Next year, I would urge the newspapers to have a weeping map of Kenya on their whole front page with the headline;

pssssst; Here comes President (or is it Prime Minister) Gideon Moi in 2022. Long live a prosperous and free Nation; just as it was during Moi 1.

John Mokusi

Excerpts from Internet.

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Comment: President Moi completed his work and credit goes to the many years he ruled Kenya without any major war conflicts except tribal clashes that were quashed later. He brought some development especially Schools and tried as much to feed the children through his invention of the Nyayo school milk program. We saw many sky clippers coming up during his time and the Uhuru Highway Development therefore, he cannot entirely be dismissed and all we can wish him is long life in his retirement.

D.K. Gitau

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