It was a pain too hard to bear after he lost his wife, daughter,.. and three grand children in the ill fated Ethiopian airlines that made Mr Karanja so much distressed,… to an extent of wanting to ask God on judgement day as to why he had to take all his family.

Those maybe were not intended words as no one can or will question God for his action but at times out of stressful emotions, humans can alter words they will regret later. We understand the trying moments this man is going through but with time, he will come to reality and simply say  “thy will be done” as we are all helpless human beings when the day to leave the earth comes.

It was supposed to be an adventurous trip for Anne Karanja and one she wanted to live to remember.

She had been married to Mr Karanja for 35 years and he had paid for her air ticket to visit their daughter in Canada.

It was the perfect gift for the recently retired public servant after she turned 60.

Caroline Nduta taking a stroll outside her apartments in Canada


“I have never taken her out so I felt I had to do something for her,” said Mr Karanja.

The trip came about after Caroline Nduta, who worked as an accountant, and had secured Canadian citizenship in 2017 invited the mother to visit her in Canada. They then planned to travel back home so that the children could have a chance to meet their grandfather whom they only knew from stories.

The plan, he said, was for his wife to stay in Canada for three months, but the trip was extended to six months. “My idea was that she comes home with my grandchildren for the Easter holidays,” he said.

 That is how Anne, her daughter Caroline and her three children left Ontario, Canada, on Saturday, their hearts yearning to be reunited with Karanja in Nakuru, but never made it home.

The last communication that Karanja recalls was a text from 34-year-old Caroline that said, “I am excited to come home but I also have this fear in me”.

Caroline may have had a premonition prior to death as she was constantly on social media before leaving Canada trying to enquire about the Ethiopian airlines.

She had been given assurance in a forum called KWITU by those that have ever used the same aircraft and assured that even the food served was good.

Mr Karanja is the MOST affected after loosing a family of 5 and we in Kenyan Parents in USA can only wish him comfort at this very trying moment.

Jean Waithera


Kenyan Parents in USA

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