Mt Kenya Population Decline AND Why Central Kenya Men Must Urgently Act.


By Alex Kamau London

Mt Kenya has remained an important electoral and economic force due largely to its population. Had only 5% more of Mt Kenya voted for Azimio, Raila would today be president. Sadly this numerical advantage may be lost in the years to come as Mt Kenya and Central Kenya in particular is now experiencing frightening negative population growth. That Muranga Governor Irungu Kangata is ready to spend 8,000 shillings of scarce county resources per pregnancy should worry every fertile Central Kenya man wherever they may be, home and abroad! The fact is that over the last 20 years, significant and worrying numbers of Gikuyu men of child bearing age have been mercilessly castrated by alcohol and poverty while the remaining pool of fertile and economically capable men are unhappily married to overbearing Jezebels unwilling to bear more than two children, at the very most three. Worrying numbers of Central Kenyan women view child bearing as a needless and burdensome obstacle to their enjoyment of life. Education and economic liberation have added a toxic dimension to an already nitpicky situation. Today few Central Kenya nuclear families contain 3+ children.

 Our education system didn’t help much either. In the 1990s, Kenya we were misleadingly taught had one of the highest birth rates in the world. We were told this was bad for those of us alive and something had to be done to slow the growth. Of course this was a fallacy. China, India and Nigeria are important countries because there are more of them. 18% of the world population is Chinese, 17% is Indian and 3% is Nigerian. Only a pitiful 0.7% is Kenyan.

Central Kenya urgently needs more babies’ than the current arrangement is producing. The answer to this is in the hands of a particular group of men. Yes, married men with money and brains. All they need is guts and boldness and the population decline shall be stemmed. If every Central Kenya man with a regular income and combined portfolio of 1 million shillings+ voluntarily undertakes to create a child beyond the confines of his family; a child his loving and lawful wife is unwilling to bear anyway, there will be more winners than losers. The mother of the said child is perhaps immediately lifted out of poverty, a child likely to discover a natural cure for low libido is born, wealth inequality is narrowed and the Mt Kenya electoral strength is secured for generations.

The laudable efforts of married Kenyan men have lifted more women out of poverty than the wasteful efforts of successive governments! FACT. Every Central Kenya man heeding this urgent and necessary call may be assured that by siring that extra child away from his existing family; he may be safeguarding his own legacy.

 Solomon became the heir to King David, yet he was borne not with King David’s lawful wives but with Bathsheba, the woman whose bewitching beauty King David effortlessly succumbed to. Which Central Kenya man be they church elder, Evangelist, tout, or gangster would hate to have a future Solomon for a son or a Bathsheba for a daughter to melt the hearts of future kings and rulers? Our own president William Ruto donated some seeds away from first lady Rachel! Is this not an example worthy  emulating by Central Kenyan men-very presidential! Strangely, many kids born outside marriage tend to exhibit more dexterity and prowess than those of the “wife of sheep!” I suppose this encouraging and comforting signal from nature should be an additional incentive for dithering Central Kenya men to delay no further.

The urgency of this invitation needs both haste and speed.

 Suppose 250K brave Central Kenya men can urgently and speedily act now. In that case, we shall have additional voters to decide the 2042 elections when the kids sired by your laudable sacrifice, effort, and labour TODAY shall be 19 years. A word of CAUTION….ensure your wife doesn’t read any of this; and suspect your ruinously amorous intention to donate priceless family seeds away from home, lest we find you in Kieni Forest, cold and dead, especially if you are married to a woman from Kiambu! WaIkui


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