By Migwi Karugu

The demonizing of Raila Odinga that has happened in Central Province over the years since after independence; including by Uhuru Kenyatta (as late as 2017) has had a profound effect on the region’s people’s psyches.


A lot has been said lately about The Mt. Kenya Region Voters and their relationship to Uhuru Kenyatta, Raila Odinga and William Ruto.

Basic Facts:

1. Some things cannot be forced on people;
like loving, compassion, liking one person while disliking the other,  et al.

2. People of Mt. Kenya region are one of the most informed in Kenya.

3. The demonizing of Raila Odinga that has happened in the region over the years since after independence; including by Uhuru Kenyatta (as late as 2017) has had a profound effect on the region’s people’s psyches.

The reasons why Ruto has warmed his way into so many hearts of the people of the Mountain are varied:

(a) At a recent Kîrîrîmbî panel between Moses Kuria and Sabina Chege; Kuria reminded Sabina Chege how in 2014 during the first term of the UhuRuto Government President Kenyatta instructed all Jubilee Parliamentarians to be taking all their problems to DP Ruto so that they can give him space to govern the country. Sabina Chege sheepishly looked down and did not even try to rebut or respond to Kuria for she knew this was the case.

(b) In time, Ruto slowly and methodically warmed his way into the hearts of the Mt. Kenya people through regular visits and interactions.
Truth also be told; Ruto also warmed his way into the hearts of a lot of MPs, Senators and Governors from the Mountain…..  their vitriolic rhetoric now directed at Ruto are not from their hearts but are borne out of their desire to please Uhuru Kenyatta and cushion them from the all the malfeasance that they have committed over the years…..  a survival tactic as they dare not cross Uhuru Kenyatta and the State Machinery at his disposal.

(c) A very good number of people from Mt. Kenya Region, for reasons best known to them, simply Love and Like Ruto. This love that they have for him is not going to be altered by Tantrums from a few Market Place Mad People pretending to be Political Analysts and Political Influencers.

The reasons why Raila is making little to no headway in Mt. Kenya are also varied and obvious:

(a) The demonizing of the Odinga Family in particular and Luos in General over the years since Independence in the  Mt. Kenya Region has left a mark in the people of the Mountain.
As late as 2017, President Uhuru Kenyatta was at his best demonizing Raila Odinga.

(b) This demonizing of Raila Odinga in the Mountain cannot be wished away. It is also not something that can be undone like an electric switch……  which explains the reluctance by Uhuru Kenyatta to Accompany and Promote his Handshake Partner in his Mt. Kenya backyard.

(c) In what has now become a Predictable Modus Operandi for President Uhuru Kenyatta; he has decided to use a Cabal of Out of Touch, Out of Control and Arrogant Irredeemable Incompetents to alter the gospel of Raila that he himself has been the Lead Apostle in its spread for a very long time.

(d) Instead of using reason and persuasion, these Irredeemable Incompetents have employed the tactics of Insults, Outright Lies and Coercion.

Small groups of Fearful and Compromised Businessesmen and those in Academia are being Intimidated to host Raila to show support from people of the Mountain……  most of the people in these delegations have no time for Raila and will not even vote for him; they are into the Circus in order to protect their interests.

The Demonizing of Ruto in  Mt. Kenya in particular and the country in general going on now using Paid Political Commentators from Mt. Kenya Region in Radio, TV and Print Media, as well as Twitter and WhatsApp Chat Groups; and the Edification of Raila using the same Cartel seems to be yielding questionable returns.

All the noise and insults being directed at the Mountain People by Out of Touch Diasporans; Out of Touch Mt. Kenya  Elites and Businessmen (most on hire and others out of fear) for their seemingly inexplicable love for Ruto are going to have Little to No Effect as using Insults, Coercion or Intimidation to woo others have never worked.

The Selective Amnesia, the Red Herrings being thrown around, the Total Confusion being exhibited by the Kieleweke Group in their anti Ruto Messaging and Propaganda in vernacular Radio and TV stations is testimony to the depths that the Ruto phenomenon has penetrated the Mt. Kenya Region.

The anti Ruto propaganda being bandied around is so Shallow, so Juvenile and so Petty that one starts to question the intelligence of the Content Creators and/or  their Conviction to their Cause……  but again, whoever heard of a mercenary with a Conviction or Cause; apart from the pay?

The bunch of Opportunistic hired to sell Raila’s and Uhuru’s agenda in Mt. Kenya Region, are going to be a big letdown to the Handshake Team.

If Raila Odinga wins the Presidency in 2022, he will do so without any substantial support from the Mt. Kenya Region voters.

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