A woman suspected to have stabbed her mother to death on Sunday in Nyeri, surrendered to police on Tuesday morning.

According to the area Police Boss Joseph Leshimpiro, Bernadette Njoki, 28, a single mother of one, walked into the Nyeri town police station early in the morning and confessed to killing Esther Kanuri, 64, who adopted her at only three months of age.

Mr Leshimpiro stated that the suspect was in police custody awaiting a psychiatric check-up while the police finish their investigations.

He said Ms Njoki will appear in court Wednesday 26 February, 2014.

The suspect surrendered herself to police and admitted to stabbing her mother to death.

She is in police custody and will be taken to the Nyeri Provincial Hospital for a psychiatric check-up and then appear in court on Wednesday,” the OCPD said.

On Sunday 23, the 28 year-old suspect was reported to have attacked and stabbed her adoptive mother to death.

The assailant allegedly attacked her mother while she was taking tea in her living room and stabbed more than 15 times on the neck, chest and stomach.

Mrs Kanuri had just arrived home from an evening church service at Kihuyo Presbyterian Church of East Africa (PCEA).

According to Michael Kanuri, the husband to the slain woman, there was no previous quarrel between Njoki and his wife and the incident shocked him.

Njoki had however earlier sent a text message to a PCEA church deacon in which she threatened to kill someone whom she did not specify.

In the message she had said that she was so angry that she could kill anyone or anything that crossed her path.

She further said that she had chosen her destiny and claimed that her parents were ungrateful.

Following this, her parents who were informed of the message reported the matter to the police.

They were asked to go later as the OCPD was not present at the time.

We received information that the girl had sent a threatening message to a deacon saying she was in turmoil and if anyone crossed her way she would kill them,” said Mr Kanuri.

We were then prompted to pass by the police station for safety purposes and recorded a statement. We did not think she would go that far,” Mr Kanuri added.

Mr Kanuri revealed that he would still accept the suspect as his daughter for nothing was greater than the love of a parent for their child.

I cannot hate her because she remains my child whom I love. Of course I am not happy, but hate, that is too strong,” Mr Kanuri said.

by Taboola

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