My thoughts on Government New Threats to render 20,000 plus Kenyans Homeless


The threats by Government should be taken very seriously as it will have a negative effect on our struggling  economy, struggling  businesses, low  collection on Government income and  erode confidence in real estate & more so people trusting Kenyan title  deeds.

The current issue raised by Hon. Tobiko and highlighted by 4th Estate is a critical issue that will not effect the original beneficiaries allocated those parts of Ngong forest but will have very serious and negative impact to current owners – Wanjikus 

Other pain bearers include:

 1. Retired civil servants who bought in those estates (some of these developments have got over 20,000 home owners),

2. There will be a serious affect to banks who have massively supported home buyers and those  deeds are in the bank as security for mortgages

3. The loss of Government revenue in terms of (rates, rent, tax paid by affected  businesses etc

4. The current home owners are mostly 6th or   even 8th generation owners….they do not know the stories of 1932, 1978, 1997 etc . We should spare them the pain. The back falls on the Government who happily receive the income, they approve the titles, they approve the houses, they even have their own installations in this very ‘forest’

Finally, as private sector members,  we need to offer balanced advise to the current Government.

George Wachiuri- Optiven group

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