Njuri Ncheke Son Denied Victory And His Future Now Uncertain.


By Dr. Jean Kamau-The Diaspora Times Nairobi Correspondent

On September 2, 1858, speaking in Clinton, Illinois, during the famous Lincoln-Douglas debates, Abraham Lincoln made one of his most famous statements: “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Today in Kenya, his message applies to no other than William Ruto, who has been manipulating and fooling people some of the time and people in UDA all the time. But his time is up, for he may not continue fooling all the people all the time after they reject him on August 9th.

William invited members of Parliament aligned to UDA along with those in other parties they made coalition recently at his Karen home yesterday May 14th. He made them look like fools after going against their wishes in choosing his running mate by way of voting.

We have reliable reports showing that after the MPS were told to vote their favorite candidate for the running mate, out of 126 present, Gachagua only obtained eight votes. However, their votes were not considered- indicating that William Ruto is not for democracy but a dictator who will not be ready to take views from anybody in his assumed Government.

There were others other than Rigathi like JB Muturi, with better credentials but were not given a chance because William Ruto, wants those he can manipulate. (the so called tugeges)

Rigathi all the same has a dark past and compared to Professor Kindiki; we can say it’s like comparing light and darkness. A true son of Njuri Ncheki has been denied his right.

Who is This Rigathi Gachagua?

Uhuru sacked Gachagua unceremoniously after his past misdeeds, and dark past were brought to his attention. When he served as DO Kiambaa division Kiambu in 1990, Gachagua organized a brutal raid using YK92 goons at the home of Kenneth Matiba in Limuru, just next to the Limuru–Kiambaa border.

During the raid, the YK92 goons masquerading as police officers reigned terror upon Matiba’s family, brutally attacking his wife Edith Wanjiku, his daughter Julie and the housemaid, who all sustained serious injuries. They were all admitted to Nairobi hospital in critical condition, with Matiba’s wife admitted to ICU after goons smashed her head using an axe.  

The raid at Matiba’s home was a desperate attempt by the then despotic Government to silence Matiba, calling for democracy, good governance, human rights, and multipartism. Luckily, Matiba wasn’t at home at the time of the attack.

However, he surrendered to the police the following day and was subjected to inhuman torture, which left him paralyzed.

After the heinous incident, Gachagua was promoted from DO to a DO1 for the “good job” and transferred to Molo division Nakuru county, where he facilitated sustained attacks, murders, and displacement of thousands of Kikuyus in Molo and the larger Nakuru county by the notorious and ruthless YK 92 gang, before the 1992 general elections.

During those dark days, he met William Ruto, one of the top leaders of the notorious gang YK 92. Upon these revelations, Uhuru immediately dropped him as his PA in 2006.!

Uhuru was shocked that he was working with a person of such a filthy past, and dismissing him was, therefore, the only viable option. And he was right…

Uhuru was right all along; Rigathi Gachagua was, has been, and still is a criminal. Time has proved that Uhuru was right.

The same Gachagua was arrested for embezzlement, money laundering, and looting of over 12 billion shillings from the Nyeri county government, Mathira CDF, and various government agencies in the national Government.

Gachagua is a crook and a demagogue. His forty days will soon come over.

All with sound minds know that a Government headed by the two cannot alleviate poverty judging by their past, and all Kenyans must reject them.

We need committed leaders but not those who can destroy Kenya within five years.

Professor Kindiki may have learned a lesson from the outcome, and if he is a man with principles, he should evade the UDA formation and drop it like it’s hot.

Surely that son of Nchuri Ncheke deserves to work with Nationalists, and if he can consider joining Azimio, his stars can start shining, and who knows, he may one day be the President of Kenya.


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