No Retreat No Surrender: President Uhuru Has Crossed The Rubicon.


By William Khalisa- Reporter Diaspora Times Kenya.

Those already with the bitterness of the system have nothing new to offer but insults and constantly talking of a past full of regrets and failed ambitions.”

Like in Engineering, where you have to choose the correct specified reinforcement to build a strong bridge, politics is the same. You have to be supported by strong, politically correct individuals with a good track record, but not those rejected by the same Government.

They have to be individuals that stand out in society and whom people admire due to their track records. When one chooses those already rejected and harboring hate while possessed with memories of their failure, one is bound to be brought down by the same people, just as they did to their predecessor.

Ruto’s camp is composed of radicals and political rejects. The best they can offer as evidence by their many public gatherings- is discrediting individuals in Government through loathsome insults and unsubstantiated claims to score even.

They will not offer any solutions to people’s needs and cannot add anything of value to the Ruto’s camp, which has no long-term plan but only offers short term little (undocumented) hopes and handouts- to the vulnerable one-day fed zealots.

Talking of wheelbarrow manifestos taking people back to where civilization began, at this age of great technological expertise, is an insult to the many poor people suffering in Kenya.

Kenyans can now clearly see that we have two people selling their ideologies to Kenyans with such a vast development achievement gap in their visions. William Ruto’s vision is like promising your baby a mud toy instead of a drone.

The game changed in March 2018, when President Uhuru Kenyatta shook hands with Raila Amolo Odinga, thus putting aside hogwash kind of democracy. Uhuru finally realized that the same is not about deals, but rather, how to focus not on the immediate future but the long-term future for all Kenyans.

On the other hand, William Ruto was geared to the 2022 election and joined Kwame Nkrumah’s way of thinking “Seek ye first the political kingdom, and all else shall follow. William, from the word, go started mobilizing and entirely focusing on his shallow short-term program, which is purely easily achieved through manipulation, deceiving, and exploiting the poor masses.

The diversity of visions became evident immediately after the handshake when President Uhuru Kenyatta stuck to his belief to the effect that the welfare of Kenyans is paramount. He then was determined to bind all towards a common destiny of living together in unity, and his vision of building bridges, however later quashed, was thus born.

It was based on a utopia vision, where all Kenyans can work, own, and do business anywhere in Kenya, without intimidation and fear of their neighbor wanting to grab what one has acquired.  

Those to lead the country, not necessarily from the three major tribes, but from other Kenyans with diversified ideas and the same- chosen from across the political divide. Every tribe needs to have equal representation in Government and business so that all don’t feel marginalized and left out by the system. President Uhuru cleverly revealed the vision during the funeral of Mudavadi’s mother, which many later capitalized on to advance their false hopes to Kenyans.

That was the day Kenyans became fully aware that President Uhuru would not support his Deputy. After that funeral, Ruto cleverly assembled those already possessed with Government hate to twist Uhuru’s message to fit their narratives.

President Uhuru was entirely determined to leave a legacy and prove to William Ruto that the marriage between him and Raila was not of convenience, but for the common good of the people of Kenya.

2022 elections in Kenya will purely be based on who can mobilize and get the two main tribes voting as a block, but this time around, it’s not like Jubilee time as Mount Kenya people are already divided.  William Ruto’s downfall is his choice of toxic and aggrieved leaders that the Government already rejected.

Team Tanga Tanga maybe, after all, be Ruto’s downfall. They are only targeting one tribe across the political divide, which is shallow and suicidal as Kikuyu’s have no love lost for Kalenjins after the many horrific experiences they have encountered in the Rift Valley. The love of Kikuyu’s voting for Ruto as a block is not possible as President Uhuru has a strong team determined to break the alliance led by Martha Karua, Peter Munya, and Sabina, among others. They are capitalizing on Ruto’s failure to assist President Uhuru on the five pillar agenda and sabotaging the BBI, which benefited Mount Kenya significantly.

A Ruto Presidency may never happen as long as President Uhuru is still in power and hell-bent on leaving a legacy. He wants to bring all the other tribes on board and build the country on formidable alliances so that the Kikuyu-Kalenjin hostility can be resolved once and for all.

The more the President is insulted, the further the lift in the Mount Kenya area as he still has the strong supporters that believe in him. The well-to-do on the other hand, don’t want their hard-earned gains destroyed and will vigorously campaign for the one determined to continue with Uhuru Legacy. Those indoctrinated with simple beliefs to the effect that they will be included on the high table when William Ruto finally takes over the Government- will get a rude shock. That promised table will remain in the slums where they dwell and not anywhere near the seat of power.

The wheelbarrows they are now getting- will never be a mode of transportation but will remain a poverty laborer tool as they struggle to make ends meet. Therefore, it is wrong to give such people false hope instead of coming up with better ways to improve their lives. The same is not through empty rhetoric speeches and radicalization, but coming up with real programs to change their ways of life, just like what BBI aimed to achieve.

That is the vision President Uhuru Kenyatta has for the poor, and he will not relent until the same is realized, and those in support will get a reward.

There is no further guesswork as President Uhuru has already chosen his successor. That person is the one fully helping him to leave a legacy and to reward him; he will continue campaigning for that person vigorously like there is no tomorrow. That person is no other than Raila Amolo Odinga, who will undoubtedly be the 5th President of Kenya.


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