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By Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity

President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed in public that there was a time he wanted to step down and go back to Ishaweri in order to save lives in Kenya. He said that he would have gone back to Ishaweri instead of watching Kenyans die. DP William Ruto has confirmed that Uhuru’s intention to throw the towel and go back to Ishaweri, was what drove him to the slap scenario. RUTO has said that after all the work they had done, he would not have allowed Uhuru to throw the towel and go vack to Ichaweri. What Ruto has failed to inform Kenyans, is what he did next, after stopping Uhuru’s journey to Ishaweri, to make sure Uhuru Kenyatta remained President, which for sure he did. At the same time, Moses Kuria, a diehard supporter of Ruto has publicly said and I quote, “We stole votes for Uhuru Kenyatta”. Many Kenyans believe that the death of Mr. Chris Msando was related to his command of the servers of the 2017 elections.

Moses Kuria, who has claimed publicly that they stole elections for Uhuru Kenyatta, was the first person to be found near the late Msando’s vehicle the morning after he disappeared. Chris Msando is said to have been the only person who had the codes to open the servers at the time before his death. Sources claim that his fingerprint was the code for opening the servers at the time. By claiming that they stole the elections for Uhuru Kenyatta, it is not different from saying that they made Uhuru Kentatta President. It is, therefore very strange that two prominent Kenyans have already come out with a unified claim that they made Uhuru Kenyatta President. The same two Kenyans have now joined forces to campaign for the 2022 elections by placing one of them as a candidate for Presidency. If true Uhuru Kenyatta had thrown the towel and had chosen to return to Ishaweri, but Ruto rejected his going back to Ishaweri and even wanted to slap him for his intention to throw the towel; he is justified to claim that  he made Uhuru President, but how?. What is essentially important to be known to Kenyans, is what he did to make Uhuru President at such a crucial period. At the same time,  Kenyans have a right to demand to be told by Moses Kuria, how they stole the election for Uhuru Kenyatta because so far there are no doubts that what Ruto said and  Moses Kuria, made Uhuru Kenyatta President in 2017. After all, President Uhuru Kenyatta has confirmed that he wanted to go home to Ishaweri instead of allowing Kenya to drift into chaos. What did Moses Kuria and Ruto do to make Uhuru President? Could the murder of Chris Msando have been the only way and means of making Uhuru President? If its true President Uhuru Kenyatta wanted to throw the towel and go back to Ishaweri, why did Ruto and Moses Kuria struggle so hard to steal the election for Uhuru Kenyatta, and what methods did they use to make him President?

Dr. Isaac Newton Kinity is a Former Secretary General of Kenya Civil Servants Union.


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