No Joy Riders In 2022 As The Person Assisting President Uhuru To Shape His Legacy, Will Automatically Get His Full Support


Raila’s story is not even possible, it is like a puzzle wrapped in a mystery and still inside an enigma and his bequest is the next big thing in Kenya.

The story of the rabbit and the chameleon was narrated to signify that those who take an early lead, are not always the winners as the eventual winners could be timing those ahead to later sprint at the last stretch to win.

Raila has been in the game for so long and the fact that he has not embarked on full scale campaign, cannot be seen as defeat as he may be laying strategies to surprise many in 2022.

The general elections, will be determined not even by the major political parties, but the last minute joining together of smaller parties to form a formidable alliance that will come with a force never felt before.

Politics in Kenya however, are controlled by the media and as the drums of war start to sound, like it’s happening now, there will be plenty of messages that will be indoctrinated into people’s mind through the news media, and all aiming at glorifying a winner to make others to despair. The hustler nation song being danced around, is politics of radicalization to drive a wedge between the rich and the poor so that they can reject whoever their leader is not in favor of in his assumed next Government.

The poor are made to believe that they will be included on the high table and considering the many hustles they undergo through in life, and now the promise of a better life, the false promise can make many to do a lot of damage, killing included.

The mind tactics to make them change to media narratives, revolves around the manner in which events get interpreted, and not necessarily the outcome of the events themselves.

This time around, things are different as Uhuru want to leave a legacy and for the remaining period before the general elections, he will still continue concentrating on the development of the country while Raila together with others, pursue the BBI.

Uhuru, will definitely reward and support the person who has been persistent in the initiatives that aims at solving the political violence that occurs every election cycle and those against will simply be left out.

The deputy President is not behind that legacy as he has openly embarrassed his boss in many functions and may not have a backing from the President himself, when elections are called.

The person that will carry the day and get that full backing is no other than, Raila Amolo Odinga and the other key players, will be decided by Raila himself as he is the one who has worked with all and knows who can better assist him.

The famous handshake, whether it was accompanied by monetary gain, or to settle for some political mileage bargain, saw the end of the rhetorical “tialala” speeches and violent demonstrations that had exhausted many in the country and all must support whoever brought peace to the country.

The promised happy ending song, “looking over river Jordan with angels riding swing lo swift chariot coming for to carry me home”, is real this time and crocodiles in human form will not be there to stop the long awaited journey to Canaan.

Yes it’s time to reward Raila, and not those that have disrupted the five pillars development agenda for selfish gains and worse still, using some of the development money, to discredit the President through cheap propaganda.

I see a big 2022 game changer similar to the one Raila played when Kibaki took over power after Moi era was over (read Moi error).

This time around, it is as easy as splitting the majority Kikuyu, and Kalenjin tribal votes and Raila, together with his appointed running mate, and boosted by President Uhuru to gain peoples confidence, will definitely take over as President.

The referendum, must sail through by all means and Hon Raila Amolo Odinga will be the flag bearer of a formidable alliance that will form the next Government.

Gideon Moi, will easily split the Kalenjin votes and will easily be convinced by Uhuru to be Raila’s running mate in order to get a powerful position in the next Government.

Raila, will then pick a popular Kikuyu like Peter Kenneth or a popular Meru or even Kissii candidate and promise him or her a Prime minister position or a powerful position if BBI sails through (which will definitely happen).  

Kalonzo , Mudavadi, Wetangula and others in the opposition will not allow themselves to be left out either and all will join many to sing Raila song and just like he did during Kibaki time, they too will say “Raila Tosha”. 

Chances are, Mudavadi or Kalonzo will also be possible running mates or they will be promised powerful positions in the next Government and having being in the cold for too long, they will not refuse.

One man called William Ruto, though now enjoying huge popularity, will sadly bite the dust just like project Uhuru failed to take off when Kibaki rose to power, and will not make it, once the Kalenjin votes are split and the cunning majority Kikuyu’s politicians as usual will revive memories of the tribal clashes. He will settle for official opposition seat created or reject it and just like Raila did, try to convince retired Maraga to swear him as the people’s President, but it will all be a mission in futility..

Yes when the time of reckoning comes, you may hear the resurfacing of popular phrases like “we paid the debt and we owe nobody nothing and if any, he paid himself with failed and stalled projects”.

Sounds impossible to some but Raila’s story, is not even possible, as it is like a puzzle wrapped in a mystery and still inside an enigma and he will surprise many in 2022 as he emerges the winner to continue with Uhuru’s legacy.

Uhuru by year 2022 will have nothing to loose or gain and will simply retire wealthy not even bothered to negotiate for any retirement packages so long as the constitution clearly defines the protection of individual property’s rights.

My guess is that unlike Kibaki, who did not take active part in succession politics, President Uhuru will continue pushing for BBI to the very end and thereafter, aggressively campaign for Raila as he is fully convinced that he is the one to carry on his legacy beyond 2050 of a united Kenya where all can move freely anywhere in the country.


Arch Dr Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254


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