Office Of The Global DNA President Press Release No 11 of 2020


My Fellow Diaspora National Assembly for 254 members (DNA) worldwide, I must say that our Assembly has made tremendous achievements within a short time, since the vision was hatched a few months ago.

We promised those embracing our noble unstoppable vision that we will work tirelessly to ensure that our felt needs are addressed through reflective constructive debates and necessarily actions taken thereafter.

The vision was revealed through forums and appeal sent to all in the Diaspora willing to participate in the vision.  We however, got dissent views from those pessimistic zealots still entangled in ethnicity hangovers, and those that chose to be bystanders. We strenuously tried without success to bring every tribe on board but many are still chronically suffering from incurable tribal illness. The bearers of the vision therefore had no choice, but to continue with those optimistic selfless men and women that vowed to make the dream a reality.

Men and women who shelved tribal mentality for the sake of unity, and those are the strong pillars of our organization, that is seeking the unity of purpose.

We will as usual come through barriers but with a committed team, we will look at them as small gravels that can be wiped later, when we reach the promised land. We hold that truth as self evident to prove that there is absolutely no turning back and the unity of Diaspora, which is paramount and the fiercest urgency of now, will be achieved sooner than expected.

 I did say that within a month, I will be announcing names of men and women who will join us in delivering our promises to DNA members and many, who will later join our unstoppable movement.  I hereby wish to name a few of those who have joined us to fulfill our agenda directed at those in our DNA worldwide, and also not forgetting our fellow brothers and sisters we left back in Kenya.

Therefore, in accordance with the powers conferred upon me by the DNA constitution article IV, and the task force, I wish to state that I am retaining the following dedicated persons in my cabinet and shall reassign them according to their respective duties.

These are illustrious men and women who have shown total commitment in debating issues affecting many in the Diaspora and also in Kenya. I have omitted a few who the task force felt that they are not fully helping the organization to realize its visionary goals.

Here are those committed to our visionary goals of uniting the entire diaspora worldwide and thereafter, start a movement of changing the political ideologies and beliefs in Kenya.

Hon. Professor Luke Nyatiki-Deputy President and Leader of task force at DNA

Hon James Kairu- Global DNA Ambassador to Kenya and Foreign Affairs DNA Worldwide Coordinator.

Hon Elizabeth Njeru -Speaker of DNA Assembly and Ambassador to DNA Australia

Hon Tonnie Kimuri UK DNA liason Ambassador to Kenya

Council of DNA Elders UK Coordinator.

Hon Canido Okongo Onchoke DNA liason Ambassador to Germany

DNA official reporter

Hon Archbishop Dr. Stephen Njenga CS Diaspora Council of Elders Outreach and Governor to Western States at DNA

Hon. Father George Omwanda-CS Ministry of information and broadcasting at DNA and Governor of Northern States at DNA

Hon Dr. Esther Kanyiri –Liaison Ambassador UK and international relationship at DNA

Hon Bob Mwiti- CS Youth Affairs Ministry and Technology at DNA

Hon Peninnah Ndungu-CS Diaspora Ministry of Health awareness at DNA

Hon Lucy Karuri-CS Women Ministry and Public Holidays Coordinator at DNA

Hon Evangeline Kirigua-Diaspora local Civic Awareness and Council of Women Assemblies Adviser in line with Diaspora Vision 2050 at DNA

Hon Kiongo Muigai-CS DNA Diaspora 2050 Agenda to Keep Kenyan Generation Intact

Kenyan ID and other documents Coordinator in Liaison with Kenyan Embassy at DC

Hon Joe Mungai –CS Ministry of Immigration and Deportation Affairs

Hon Professor Jerono Rotich- CS Education and Sports for Youth Participation

Diaspora DNA Council of Elders Coordinator

Hon Edith Kariuki- CS Ministry of Home affairs USA Diaspora

Diaspora Council of Elders Coordinator

Hon Lily Mwelu Meyer- CS Ministry of Culture and Diaspora Public Holidays and Alternate Speaker of the DNA August House.

Hon Dr. Ileko Mugalla-CS Central Organization for Diaspora Unity at DNA and Chief whip at DNA Assembly.

Jack Gatume- CS Interior and Diaspora Security and To Also help in Council of Elders formation in each State.

Hon Samuel Mbugua-CS Diaspora Groups Consolidation Coordinator to DNA and Director of State Medal Awards.

Hon Wilfred Kimani-CS Ministry of Tourism and International Trade at DNA Diaspora Council of Elders Coordinator

Hon Rev Dr. Penny Njoroge- Official DNA Chaplain and Global DNA Mental Health and Depression Awareness Ambassador

Further, and in accordance with powers conferred upon me by Article IV of DNA constitution, I have made the following appointments in our DNA Assembly in United Kingdom.


President – Hon  Dr Elizabeth Kanyiri

Deputy President- Hon Councillor Elizabeth Kang’ethe

UK DNA Council of  Elders Adviser-Hon Elizabeth Kangethe

Hon Carolyn Wangaa-CS Tourism and Exchange Programs/DNA UK State Medals Coordinator.

CS- Trade, & Diaspora Investments- Hon Mwenda Stanley G.

Council of Elder Coordinator

CS- Tourism, Sports, Culture, Civic  & Social Services –Lillian Njeri Ndungu to hold brief

Council of Elders Coordinator

Hon David Githaiga CS- Education, Diaspora Empowerment and International Programs

Hon Dr. Muriithi Githae CS- Diaspora Health Awareness and Permits Co-ordinator

Hon Lilian Njeri Ndungu– Head of Diaspora Affairs and Secretary to the Cabinet

Benard Oketch CS- Information, Communication and Technology (ICT)-  

Coordinator Council of Elders in Germany

Official Chaplain- To be Appointed. Women Reps- To be appointed


In addition and by the authority conferred upon me by article IV, I have nominated and forwarded the names thereof to the Speaker of DNA Main assembly located in USA, the following persons for positions of Governors

Western States Governor-Hon Archbishop Dr. Stephen Njenga

Northern States Governor- Hon George Omwanda,

Deputy Governor Hon Wilfred Kimani

Southern States Governor-Hon Kiongo Muigai

Eastern States Governor-Hon Philip Gitonga

Deputy Governor- Samuel Mbugua

In each state and wards in case of UK we have 3 representatives to form a council of Elders comprising of 5 men and 5 women who are active in community affairs and a press release to follow in a month’s time.

We wish to thank all those that have embraced our great vision of uniting the Diaspora worldwide through networking and debating on current issues that affect us in our daily lives.

Thank you very much.

Architect Dr. D.K. GITAU


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