Senator Samson Cherargai of Nandi county is very angry with people who are detracting and trying to derail the Deputy President’s ascent to power.

He has warned of dire consequences to marked individuals and people living in the Rift Valley who will not back the Deputy President William Samoei Ruto to ascend to Presidency.

Two weeks ago, the Senator was in Seattle Washington in the company of Murang’a Senator Kang’ata Irungu where the two leaders talked about cohesion and coexistence.

When I pointed out the point blank lies that these people come to tell the people living in the Diaspora, I had no idea that barely two weeks down the line, we would be seeing the true colors of a bitter man representing a society.

It is unfortunate that this man can be associated with such utterances owing to the fact that in the Seattle meeting, they were talking of open representation and how people in the larger Diaspora can come together and make viable demands from the government of Kenya through a bill.

When leaders talk about cleaning the Rift Valley just like they did in 2007-2008, it’s no rocket science but a simple guess to know who the targets are.

All Kenyans are eager for unity and reconciliation in the Rift Valley and for that matter, the constitution and the laws of the land must be respected so that we do not have a repeat of what happened at Kiambaa Church.

The senator should be reminded that the people he talked to in America and even went further to narrate his much love for the Kikuyus, have relatives and properties in the Rift Valley.

My one cent advice: Please do not try to repeat that game because this time around, the response and outcome might be different.

Concerned Diaspora.

Kuira wa Kabiru


Kenyan Parents in USA

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