Dear Honourable Kang’ata the Senator for Murang’a.

I am honored to have attended the tee a tet cum conference you hosted at the Highline College in Desmoines.

It was an eye opener to the level which the kenyan political elitists hold the voter cum the  general populace.

It is unfortunate that you like others before you and possibly others after you (hoping they will get audience) can continue taking the American Diaspora population as people who will massage your ego’s by bringing us matters that are not factual and do not reflect the needs of the people here.

 You and other politicians from Kenya are ill advised to assume that the Diasporians do not have the capacity to disseminate their needs without unclear guidelines from Kenya.

We appreciate the fact that you confessed to have come to represent the victims of the ill fated Ethiopian airways and as a by the way thought of coming up with a quick Diaspora bill.

What we have said before and would not tire to repeat is that some of the best Kenyan brains are in  America and would the future leadership including all people using the taxpayers money to come to America consult more widely before trying to lie (sic) to great men and women who work very hard to  make the Kenyan government run by being the major foreign exchange contributors.

As you get back to the chambers of the Senate please address the portent issues brought to your attention.

Lobby for the tea and coffee bills which have been pending for 4 years to pass and let the Huduma number issue be open without a deadline and its merits also discussed.

We have  the budding Central Organization for Diaspora Unity (CODU) whose sole mission is to unite Kenyans in the Diaspora while making sure that Diaspora representation is not taken for granted as it’s the case now.

The suggested Diaspora MP must come from Diaspora and the offices established centrally just the same way as the Embassy in D.C.

This is the office that will ensure that all in Diaspora are served documents from their own states.


It is an organization that was created with the vision of being the support system for all in Diaspora anywhere in the World.

CODU aspires to bring about unity of purpose, action and voice among all Kenyans in the Diaspora.

CODU sees itself as the go to organization for all registered members in the case of
1) Immigration or other non-criminal related legal matters- To facilitate funds for member affected without delay.
2) Demise of members- To release funds immediately to next of kin

Most importantly, CODU wants to see Kenya take its leadership position in Africa and being more responsive to all Kenyans wherever they may be.

CODU wants Diaspora to be involved in all Development issues in our country and be a partner in business where necessary.

CODU plans to make positive contributions that stem corruption, nurture transparent governance and facilitate working justice, economic, health and education systems.
These can be communicated through petitions signed by all members, letters direct to in charge of Diaspora matters in Nairobi or related Ministries, letters to the attention of the President and press releases and where necessary pursue legal redress.

CODU recognizes that there are other social organizations of Kenyans in the Diaspora that are for other aspects of life such as weddings, funerals of family members, supporting or advertising business opportunities etc and the same can still retain membership in CODU for the sake of the Unity we are advocating.

We have a strong Diaspora community and we are looking to facilitate cohesiveness of unified messages when we as Diasporians speak with one voice concerning issues that affect our well-being in the Diaspora as well as the well-being of all Kenyans.

CODU is appealing to all committed individuals in the Kenyan Global Diaspora to join the movement so we can embark on this exciting journey of change makers.

When we do not try, failure is 100% guaranteed, but when we try, we make success a certainty.

A united and determined team can attain the grandest heights and achievements that many would envy. That is what CODU is about.

It is therefore important that as you proceed to introduce the bill, be aware that people in Diaspora are ready to participate fully so that their representation will be of great help to all in the Diaspora.

In that regard we do hope that the suggested MP will be sought from the entire Diaspora as the representative must be a person who is conversant with felt needs that affect all in the Diaspora.

Thank you and we do hope that you will take appropriate action to achieve the intended purpose as it’s been long overdue.

Kuira Wa Kabiru



I am the President of Kenyan Parents in USA and I fully support Mr. Kuira WA Kabiru sentiments.






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