Open, Loving, Caring, & Non Judgemental Communication is Key To Healing And Nurturing Our Relationships.


Allow me to share on things heavy on mind for very long. I will share as community  Cucu Penny (given by Timmy Kabiru, Jimmy Wambua and agemates in 2000) Mama Njoroge, Mchungaji Penny and Community Counselor Dr. Penny.

Many of you know my greatest passion for mental health locally and globally, the tragic impact we all know in our community.

In my interaction with people and aware of increasing suicides, alcohol and drug abuse in our Diaspora families, I am sensitive to interaction challenges we face between different generations. As one directly involved in the raising of my grandchildren, I am aware that raising and educating children in this generation, especially in the Diaspora is very different than when I was raising my children back in Kenya.

My great love for children, while desiring to be more of a positive support to them and their parents, I feel the need to listen more attentively, before judging young parents or body shaming them or children for their behaviors, eating habits or their body appearances.

 I am sharing with a lot of sensitivity to the numerous underlying challenges and reasons to everything we see visibly.

Many of the suicides and mental health crises today, could be greatly reduced if we listened more, corrected cautiously in love and sensitivity for everybody, giving everybody a fair chance. In particular, many of us are struggling with obesity not because of overeating, but for numerous other reasons like depression, rejection, poor self esteem, bullying or even due to some prescribed medication.

As an older person, I desire to be a support with God’s help than a judge and as such, we all need each other young or old.

We want to support your parenting with your consent while bearing in mind that your parenting needs and methods are different.

We want to be relevant to you, our children and our grandchildren.

Help us to help you.

OPEN & LOVING, CARING, NON JUDGEMENTAL COMMUNICATION is Key to healing and nurturing our relationships, so that Nobody suffers alone in hiding.

With many running to alcohol, drugs/substance abuse to sooth their pain, Let’s choose to be each other’s keepers.

Praying for you all.

Penny Njoroge,

Kenyan Parents In USA Mentor, Counselor  and Public Speaker in Matters of Mental Illness, Drug Abuse and Depression.

Continue Supporting KEMEN as they are facilitating discussions on the same topic that has aroused great concern among the affected in the Diaspora.

Penny Njoroge and Reverend Wambui, Alice among many others, are constantly addressing the many cases of Depression and drug related issues common in the Diaspora




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