Optiven Is Offering Super Amazing 120 Months Offer For Golf Resort Property In Thika


Opportunities are rare and come once in a life time. This is one of those very rare chances for those who are interested in living a super luxurious life.

We have identified a rare opportunity just for you. Here are the only Four things you need to do:

1. Check your capacity  to pay a property within 120 months.

2  Create time to see the Luxurious Superhighway properties.

3  Submit the required appraisal requirements to any of our property advisors.

4  Prepare only 10% deposit and become one of the few owners of these property that is located inside a classy golf resort. (https://www.optiven.co.ke/properties/luxurious-thika-superhighway-properties/)

Call us today and join top movers and shakers who have already settled here.


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