Pauline Njoroge’s Commentary Is Not Parochial, But A Challenge To The Government Regarding Un-utilized, And Uneconomical, Natural Reserves Countrywide.


Pauline Njoroge is a strong supporter of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Government, and basing on that, her statement on the usefulness and profitability of the National reserve, was not in bad taste, but sincere and nothing but the truth as the same, justify the fact that the Government uses more resources to maintain National Reserves than it benefits from them, and the end result, is a negative sum game.

The Kenya wildlife service presence at Nairobi National Park with all the paid personnel, is just a waste of resources as the reserve, only attracts just a few visitors considering that the majority of the tourists, prefers Amboseli or Maasai Mara.

It takes more than preserving the national reserves, more than boasting a reserve within a city, more than boasting about how many elephants and lions left in our forests, more than removing from the board Pauline Njoroge due to her stand on the usefulness and profitability of reserves, to be sincere about respecting human life over animals and thinking of saving a City that is restrained from expanding. That should be the focus and priority the Government should be concerned about and if not possible, then they should start thinking of moving the Capital City to another location.

How does it benefit the Government to take care of a malnourished lion 5 kilometers away, and yet a malnourished child, is dying of hunger at a nearby Langata or Kibera slums?. A mother near the reserve has no access to fresh drinking water, and instead uses sewage water for her needs and yet animals have everything.

Have we satisfied the needs of humans and what is left now is to take care of the animals to please the white people in exchange of money?

Are we not capable of creating a Hollywood in Africa and move the animals to Maasai Maara and make the same, a kind of attraction that will still boost tourism? The Nairobi National park due to the fast growing population, is misplaced and serves no purpose to a City that is congested and the same, not in any logical way yielding to expansion that is now overdue.

We may like animals, but when at the same time we encroach on them, they feel threatened and if we love them so much as advocated by the environmentalist and animal rights custodians, the best thing is to show the total love by moving them to where they will have all the freedom.

We should not value animals more than humans just because the same give more revenue to the Government, but rather, we should de-congest the City and by doing so, more jobs will be created in the same area the animals are now aimlessly roaming.

Nairobi was once a big forest but with time, it disappeared after the expansion that attracted a huge population that is now overflowing and instead of containing the same in a tiny space, it’s time we develop the reserve and move the few remaining animals to the the sprawling Amboseli or Maasai Maara.

Humans also move and why not animals? and that was Pauline’s concern when she further observed that we are even forced to reroute the SGR instead of the same, easily passing through the National Reserve.

It would all the same, still have been a more added attraction to view animals from a train but the main issue, is to de-congest the City that cannot take more people in the next few years, and expansion is inevitable and a major priority.


If we analyze Pauline Njoroge’s appointment and the subsequent removal, you will conclude that the whole appointment process, has exposed how flawed the exercise is. Let us interrogate and question how the CS and the appointing team, arrived at appointees to go ahead and advice the President on the same. Were there background checks done, due diligence, that is required in determining such appointments?

It shows that the whole exercise is a fraud which is not based on competence, but rather, rewarding close relatives and those on the Government side.  Someone is sleeping on the job as Pauline did not appoint herself, neither did she present herself using falsehood and the appointing team, actually owes her an apology for the eventual outcome which put her in an embarrassment situation. She may have celebrated the appointment with friends and the revoking, has affected her greatly and reduced any trust the President had in her.

How many other appointees are in boards following zero checks and vetting??

The buck stops with the appointing authorities, and all should be serious in showing Kenyans, how the same is a diligent process.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly For 254

Others whose contribution are mentioned in this story are Hon David Githaiga London and Hon Elizabeth Njeru, Perth Australia

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