Pied Piper Hustler Heckled In Isiolo By Those Not Easily Cheated With Wheelbarrows.


“Stop admiring and praising the neighbors crop harvest which you did not assist in sowing. It’s morally wrong and many will wake up from their slumber and you will thereafter be alone with your pipe (if lucky) blowing to your only one final destination which is not POK, but the official leader of the opposition as created by BBI”.

If there is a politician in Kenya with no agenda and who has mastered the art of doublespeak to gain favors from the electorate, it’s no other than William Ruto.

After the 2017 General elections, and the famous handshake that took place soon after, it is common knowledge to any right thinking Kenyan that William  Ruto, was not in favor of the same as after it happened, he immediately abandoned the big 4 agenda.

Uhuru has been in these three years being pushing development agendas alone and after it’s finally done, William cannot therefore suddenly turn around and start praising the developments done by Jubilee while knowing very well that he simply was not part of the same.

The Deputy President, has done a lot of damage in Central Kenya and other parts of Kenya, to discredit Jubilee when President Uhuru was busy supervising development projects with some even at night with no other than Hon Raila Odinga.

The mass hysteria witnessed in TV, is only happening in areas William Ruto has bribed the poor people with wheelbarrows but deep inside Kenya where Kenyatta is extending roads and electrification, it’s a different story.

People want development but not simple archaic tools that will not alleviate their poverty problems but rather, increase it.

It is unfair to lie to Kenyans that the next Government will be comprised of the poor people and yet after inauguration, we all know that State house as usual, will be out of bounds.

The propaganda being spread by Tanga Tanga, to popularize the hustler narrative, is deceptive and with no merit and all informed Kenyans know it’s a ploy to hoodwink the many vulnerable poor who attend their meetings expecting to get a handout.

William Ruto movement, is comprised of all rejects in Government, and one wonders what kind of a chaotic Government, can come out of it.

The hustler movement, is similar to the pied piper who led rats to destruction and those blindly following the movement with no clear manifesto, are not focused and have no concern to the future of their generation as the same, will not always want to push wheelbarrows and mkokoteni.

It’s a high time the blind followers start reasoning and come to realization that they are following a man with no clear agenda and the faster they abandon him and join BBI movement, the better for their future generation.

Let 2022 not be a year where Kenya’s future will sadly be determined by one day fed simpletons through bribes, but a year of realization so that only people with a clear manifesto about the future of Kenya, will be elected to form the next Government.

The Tanga Tanga brigade, should relax now and wait for the President term to end and if they are not for BBI, to give Kenyans better alternatives other than lying to a whole population to the effect that the Government, will give money to the poor to start businesses.

Any person with a reflective and conscience mind, will know it’s pure lies as the poor are more than the rich people at the top and yet the current Government, cannot even afford to give them money to do the trickle down effect. The rich also struggle on their own to accumulate their wealth and what the poor people need now, is a conducive environment to advance themselves with the type of work they do. Construction of industries, proper make shift markets and vocational schools, will alleviate poverty more than giving them simple archaic tools to push to nowhere.

President Uhuru Kenyatta, should not delay as he now has a duty to tell Kenyans without hiding who exactly William Ruto is so that they can decide if he is the right one to lead Kenya. It’s the fiercest urgency of now as he is the only one that can give recommendations after having worked together for seven years and not the poor he is lying to by giving them handouts. The more he delays in denouncing his deputy scheme, the more the tension will be created as the hustler cheap narrative has already fueled a class war between the haves and have nots. A dangerous trend that can destroy all what Kenyans have worked and labored for,.. for so long.

William Ruto, should shape up or ship out and singly continue attracting his hustlers without any references to President Uhuru as they are no longer together. He is simply a jobless man drawing a salary without working but only inciting the masses which is unfair to all Kenyans that expect him to assist the President. Past promises of supporting one another does not arise as William never fulfilled what he swore under the constitution but rather abandoned his duties and embarked on early campaigns that have divided Kenyans more than before.

Sir William, please Stop admiring and praising the neighbors crop harvest which you did not assist in sowing and caring for. It’s morally wrong and soon many will wake up from their slumber and you will thereafter, be alone with your pipe blowing to your only one final destination which is not POK, but if lucky, the official leader of the opposition as created by BBI.

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