Poverty Worldwide Causes More Deaths Than Coronavirus.


Coronavirus has drawn the attention and action of the entire world simply due to the fact that the disease that has no known definite cure yet, is attacking the rich and the poor.

The Kenyan Government like all in the world, has mobilized with speed its entire machinery resources to contain it and yet, the same Government watches as poor people are killed by mosquitoes that are visible and easy to eliminate than the invisible virus.

Over 20,000 Kenyans die each year due to living in areas surrounded by stagnant dams and pods that are heavily infested with mosquitoes, and nothing major is done to contain them. They kill mostly the poor who cannot afford drugs or able to afford costly hospitals.

Mosquitoes are not the only menace that attack people, but also jiggers that are mostly found in areas where poor people live. There is not in place any Government constant fund allocation given to such areas to eliminate the germ welfare that is believed to have been brought by the British, to prevent Kikuyus from joining the Military.

The western and Eastern Civilization are so active to contain the coronavirus because they too are vulnerable to the virus that is not this time found in areas where the poor people live, but everywhere including the civilized world.

If this virus was attacking the poor who cannot afford the drugs, it will not have been given the much attention it has aroused all over the world leading to lockdown and school closures.

This virus should come as a realization and an awakening call to the Governments worldwide to consider serious disaster management networks. All Governments the world over should constantly be working round the clock to put in place measures to eradicate all the airborne and waterborne diseases that kill humans each year.

The number one killer in Kenya is pneumonia that is so easy to contain if the poor can be educated and supplied with adequate clothing to protect them from suffering from it. Mass education is also necessary regarding the same disease, as it also attacks those who can afford but only needs to be educated on how to avoid it.

Aids is also another disaster that continue to kill many and the same should be given attention as it’s cause is already known and only extensive mass education through physical home visits and seminars organized by Ministry of health, should be put in place and given top priority.

This Coronavirus like all other diseases however will come and go, but we do hope that the same will arouse the Government and all throughout the world, on how to maintain proper basic hygiene and more so, how to be prepared all the time for any outbreak of such diseases.






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