Praying Is An Earnest Conversation With God That Can Open Closed Doors

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Prayer according to Webster definition means: “A solemn request for help or expression of thanks addressed to God or an object of worship”. But according to my innermost conscience; “They are words of sincerity and honesty to your heavenly father without pretense or fear of being judged on how well you say it”. Therefore, the misconception that praying is hard, or you don’t know what to say, or where to start or end, should not apply because you are not applying for a job or promotion but communicating direct to your creator.

Praying is an earnest conversation with God about what is in your heart bad or good and once, you lay them before him, they are no longer weighing on your heart for his grace is sufficient.

When you think of praying, it is the Holy Spirit urging you to communicate to your heavenly father what is bothering you as he is the Master who do supernatural things. There is nothing too hard or too small that you can’t talk to him about and even what he already knows.

This I know according to Luke 7 starting from verse 35: A sinful woman has learned that Simon had invited Jesus to his house, her chance to escape the captivity of shame and guilt strengthened her to invite herself and knelt before him. The power of captivity got loose and her heart released a downpour of the stronghold and the impurities through tears that were enough to wash his feet and using the only tool at her hand, she used her own hair that she cherished. After Simon, saw that, and while maybe trying to show off before his colleagues, he said.” If this man were a prophet, he would know who is touching him and what kind of a woman she is and that she is a sinner”

Read the rest to see Jesus’ response to Simon’s outburst while keeping in mind that Jesus knew and heard what he had said. Here, we see that Simon didn’t respect Jesus’s Ability according to how he posed the question “ if this man were a prophet He would know” he was merely scoring points and fame from his colleagues by inviting Jesus to his home. This is very interesting, and if we all go before the father with this attitude, then it is obvious that we’re not having faith in the power of actions about our concerns.

Another example is from the 12th chapter of the book of Acts starting from verses 12-15. Peter after he was rescued from the prison the night before his trial by the Angel of the LORD, had gone to the house of Mary. There, his near friends and Acquaintances had gathered in prayers for him. Upon arriving and knocking on the door, a servant girl named Rhoda went to the door and seeing Peter with much joy, she had forgotten to open the door for him before going to tell the crowd. Here we see that instead of praising God for hearing them, they deemed her crazy.

Fiction or reality of human beings? these are a few of the many examples of praying from your lips only and not from the heart. I always say “give God credit” 

Therefore; brothers and sisters, we should always pray from the heart through the lips and not vice versa.

God already knows before we ask so even two words coming from your heart is enough like in the example of Peter again  when it dawned on him that he was walking on the water, he panicked and as he began to sink, he uttered three words “LORD, SAVE ME” a sincere and earnest prayer from the heart.

Understanding praying is not pitching for jobs, promotions or to show off will help you have an informal conversation with God who will always be there even when we lose the path we are ordained to take. As apostle Paul explained in the book of Galatians chapter one starting from verses 15-24. He says that “ He was set apart from his mother’s womb” to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Hence who knows who has been “set apart” from his or her mother’s womb to be what he or she was created for until the right time of revelation because our God is “GOD OF DUE TIME” before this time nothing is clear to anyone.

Don’t lose hope or discount anyone by appearance or actions for He sees the heart only.

My testimony about praying as I had written it “You don’t know what you don’t know until you know” is my understanding as I grow in the desire to know more about my Heavenly Father who formed me into my mother’s womb to nurture me as he cared for me from above.

My first own words had come about 7years before that deeper journey had begun. I was single and to some onlookers, I was available to any bachelor who had the courage to approach me. Now being so disinterested, this brought in the inconvenience and intrusion on my time and a burden of sorts. And it was during this time that the words came to me “ pray” I just sat on the toilet since it was the closest place to go on the hallway where I was and said “ LORD, if it is your will for me to get married, send me a husband and if your answer is yes, this is what I would like for a husband and thanks for listening to me”.  

Two months later on my day schedule, I was required to make a choice of which job to keep. It is true “we can’t serve two masters at the same time” because no matter how hard and careful you work it out, one of them is bound to miss the attention.

Anyway, I chose the day job and had to let the night job go.

It was upon this time when the director of night job asked me to just work on the weekend instead of quitting and on my first Saturday on the job, I was assigned to work with a man who later became my husband up to this day. That is how my prayers were answered in a mysterious way.

Brothers and Sisters, I’m not dreaming or wishing but sharing my experience as I get deeper and deeper in love to understand my Heavenly Father and His begotten son who willed to die for me so that I won’t be left behind.  

 Thank you for your time.

Stay encouraged and hopeful no matter what, for He is your Shepherd and you Will Never lack Anything.

Your Sister in Christ

Domiscilla Wagner


Kenyan Parents In USA

Board Member Central Organization For Diaspora Unity(C.O.D.U.)

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