President Elect William Ruto Gigantic Task Ahead.


By Alex Walkui

The elections are now over. The beauty of democracy is that the majority have their WAY and the minority have their SAY.

Kenya Kwanza has won the elections with a majority of just over 240,000 voters in an election where 36% of the registered voters did not vote. However, a win is a win, and they rightly deserve congratulation.

It is to be hoped that President Ruto is able to unite a badly divided country and govern fairly and equitably for the benefit of all Kenyans- including the ones who did not want him to be president.

President-Elect Ruto has been great with words. The challenge now is to translate those fine and grand words into concrete outcomes, especially for the benefit of those struggling and leading a painfully dystopian existence. Yes, the ones he called Hustlers and convinced to entrust him with their future.

May President Ruto remember that the Kenyans who most bitterly rejected President Kenyatta’s preferred successor were the very THURAKU who only 5 years ago exuberantly voted for him to a man BUT abandoned him when they felt he ill understood their crippling struggle to survive.

President-Elect Ruto has promised many things to the Hustlers. Fulfilling that promise is the monumental challenge that awaits him.
Ultimately it shall all boil to the economy and the cost of living. Both depend on proper governance and reduced corruption.

One more thing…making Prime Minister Raila Odinga his special Envoy would demonstrate magnamity, statesmanship and significantly demystify elections results as not matters of life and death.

FINALLY….The greatest dissapointments arise from the greatest promises.

I hope in August 2027, President Ruto shall not hear the echoes of bitter, angry, hungry and jobless Hustlers….”saying Maliza uende.”
I wish his government every success for the sake of my beloved Kenya.


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