President Uhuru And His Government Blamed For All The Wrong Reasons


By Nicholas Gachoki

The government or even President Uhuru should not be blamed for the surge of Covid-19 in Kenya.

Uhuru made it mandatory for all Kenyans to wear masks but they are doing it for show or fear not to be arrested or worse still not to be killed by the police. At most times the masks are just hanging around their necks. He asked them to wash their hands regularly and sanitize, but they behave as if they are doing him a favor.

They were asked to maintain social distance, but they would like to hug each other to show affection in market places and bars.

Uhuru has given them what they are asking for: Freedom! so they should live with the consequences of their demands.

Even here in the US, if you don’t take necessary precautions you will get sick.

Instead of some of us blaming the government, why can’t we criticize Kenyan individual behaviours?

If one can’t wear a mask in a crowded market place, or any other place, what does he/ she expect? President Uhuru or CS Mutahi Kagwe to get sick?

A brief commentary by Nicholas Gachoki

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