President Uhuru Kenyatta Has Failed Kenyans Miserably And All The People That voted For Him Are Now Beggars Says Julius Kobia


Many Kenyans woke up early to vote for Jubilee in 2017 enticed by the euphoria slogan “kumira kumira thuraku thuraku” with some even skipping breakfast so as not to be left out.

They stood in long queues while braving the scorching sun, with some holding their short calls for long hours not lose their spot, and the lucky ones like Githeri man, carrying  packed lunch to ensure that their votes were on the ballot. They strenuously did all that to ensure that Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta retained the high seat so as to continue fulfilling his promises.

They have been waiting to see the promises that were made during campaigns fulfilled, but it’s been now over 7 years and yet, little have happened to alleviate the suffering of the many millions in Kenya who have entirely lost hope.

They are now blaming Uhuru for their woes and are afraid that nothing worthwhile will happen in the few remaining years as Uhuru himself, has finally given up as evidenced by his recent speeches that seem to be wishing that years can move even faster to go into retirement.

The hope of millions of Kenyans dashed, their desire to prosper and the way forward doomed, as it is not clear whether Ruto has any hidden Agenda to alleviate the monstrous unemployment especially among the youth, rectify the image of judiciary and the police force while eradicating the looming corruption in all institutions once and for all.

Julius Kobia talked to Ebru radio and was emphatic that Uhuru has failed Kenyans miserably and all the people that voted for him are now beggars.

His own backyard has not changed since Kenyatta died and Gatundu still lags behind in development and as expected, he is not a sung hero where all would expect his name to be glorified because of the development records.

The economy of Kenya is stagnant and many with Phd are without jobs while those below them reverting to robbing their fellow Kenyans at night due to desperation.

Kibaki left a healthy economy when we never had huge debts like we have today and simply the jubilee manifesto was shelved the moment the ink dried.

The handshake drained the economy even further in order to maintain two parallel Presidential logistics set up and the antagonism that exist, is not even half the story.  It’s a marriage of two with different ideologies or with no agenda at all to improve and change things around.

Uhuru lost his mind the moment he extended handshake, he does not care much anymore” adds Denis Itumbi former Diaspora communication Director now working at the office of the Deputy President.

They will appear busy opening old projects that were started by Kibaki but little else, as they cannot tackle the felt needs by giving hope to the many jobless, the many who cannot access affordable health benefits, and thus making many to die after giving up.

The responsibility left to the masses who try to assist the sick and the many in distress, after donating the little they earn, while those that have looted the country, stashing their ill gotten gains in their bedrooms and offshore banks.

Paul Kobia the businessman and whistle blower gave example of Brazil as a country that turned their economy around and yet, they were led by a man who had no degrees like the many in Kenya, meaning that Kenyan leaders have no vision.

“There is no one with a vision and even if Ruto takes over he will not turn around the economy and may even make it worse”. He said. The guilty go unpunished and cases delayed for a purpose to make people forget. He added.

The main problem is that Kenya recycle rejects who have no new ideas for the country and people should wake up and vote the right people who are selfless and with the interest of Kenya at heart.

We are sitting on a time bomb, and if people don’t see the danger of an eminent revolution it might be too late when the same happens. All the same, there is hope and there is a remedy if people refuse to be bribed and vote for true leaders that will overhaul the whole system.

It’s a simple choice that lies in the power of the voters and all will be well in Kenya if the votes will genuinely be counted and the results ….a true reflection of the will of the people.

That will be the defining moment as people drift back to practice a supposedly refined system that was started by the Greeks in the year 507 B.C.

Kenyans will also be defining who they are as a people and as the Greek Philosophers classified people in any society INTO 3 CATEGORIES,  will you be an IDIOT, just wanting a change for yourself only, 

A TRIBE, wanting to advance the welfare of your tribe?

OR a CITIZEN wanting to form a democratic Government full of civility and order for the common good of all in Kenya?





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