President Uhuru Shines At Bomas As His Deputy, William Ruto, Is Jeered With Chants ‘Respect The President”


Deputy President William on Monday, Oct 26, was jeered at the Bomas of Kenya during the launch of the Building Bridges Initiative report.

He had initially tried to give a correlation of Raila Odinga while talking of his love for football but the same, never amused anyone. He then complained of a football game where referees are appointed by team which was a direct reference to the setup of BBI

He was however after finishing jeered by continuous shouting of  “Respect the President” which went on for a long time until the President had to start addressing the congregation to in a way  calm them.

The Deputy had tried to stop the shouting by telling the attendants that he was about to finish, adding that he had listened to other views and he should be listened to, but the delegates that seemed not interested with his remarks, kept on shouting in unanimity.

The deputy for sure is not for BBI and in his opening remarks, he expressed his suspicions against the BBI report, saying it had many issues that needed to be reviewed. He gave an example of the creation of the office of  Ombudsman, which  will be appointed by the Executive as interfering with the judicial system in the country.

He said that it was a way of taking the country back to the dark days, where the president would issue directives to judges in some cases through telephone calls to punish certain individuals attacking the Government. This he said was unacceptable and added that many Kenyans are still besieged to receive justice, when all matters should be handled as per the constitution.

He said that the Government should give more funds allocation to courts other than increasing seats so that more can be created to ease the current burden of wananchi getting speedy justice due to understaffing of the judiciary.

“The Government should hire more judges and increase the staff at judicially so that Kenyans can have their cases resolved without delay”. He said while stressing judiciary issues like it was being underrated by the BBI.

It was clear that he was outright against any office created to give direct orders and deal with cases without the judiciary as that was killing the initiatives of an independent judiciary.

 The speech by the Deputy, implied that he was not so much against establishment of more seats like that of Prime Minister.

It was a day he however realized that all were in a way siding with the President and the same, was climaxed by the jeers and the clarion call that filled the hall “respect the President”

Whether he will heed to the call is just a matter of waiting and as many have said before, the succession of President Uhuru, will be entirely based on who will be backing BBI and his 2050 legacy, and failure to that, a pass of the baton, might be a thing of the past as there will be no one in the name of William waiting at the finish line.

Arch Dr. Isaac Kinungi

Global President

Diaspora National Assembly for 254

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