President William Ruto Government Is Already Failing In Fostering Inclusion And Unity In Kenya.


By George Biruri

One problem that has dogged Kenya is that every regime that gets power during the transition- mishandles the changeover and fails to foster inclusion and unity in the country. They instead focus on: consolidation of power around themselves, inducing opposition leaders and destroying opposition political parties, primitive accumulation of wealth, engagement in corruption, emaciation of state institutions and organs, promotion of nepotism and tribalism, and brutal suppression of alternative views and activities. The effect is disunity, exclusion, heightened political disagreements, focus on no priority agendas, slowed growth and development, failure to achieve targets, increased poverty, poor economic performance, the suffering of the people, and prevalence of conflicts.

The first independent government of Jomo Kenyatta wasted the goodwill when they embarked on consolidating power through constitutional amendments after that, harassing Jaramogi and his team, which led to discriminating and marginalizing Nyanza. The opposition KADU was coaxed to ” cross the floor” and join KANU. No alternative political vehicle was allowed

The Nyayo regime focussed on scuttling those who had shepherded them to power and ” cutting down to size” Mt Kenya region. Charles Njonjo, Mwai Kibaki, and GG Kariuki suffered at the hands of the man whom they had helped put in power. Moi continued with the Kenyatta footsteps of harassing Nyanza leaders and marginalizing their region. The constitution was amended to legally recognize the mammoth ” mama and baba” party KANU as the only party. The dreaded police unit coded “special branch” brutally dealt with any dissent.

Kibaki came into power with overwhelming goodwill. The allocation of resources, appointments, and projects favoured the President’s region. Kenyans were then rated as the most optimistic people in the world. Then the so-called Mt. Kenya mafia demolished the camaraderie by blocking the implementation of the MoU and reverting to the old anti-Nyanza tactics.

The “dynamic duo” of Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto and who had promised to transit us from an “analog” to a ” digital” way of governance and development, started telling the opposition: ” sisi ndio tuko na nyama, nyinyi mezeni mate!”

The new Uda regime under President William Ruto has already started committing the same mistakes that its predecessors did: exclusionism, vindictiveness, marginalization of opposition regions, and undermining multipartism and political parties.

That is how we get derailed from the course and fail to achieve our goals, improve our economy, and foster inclusion and unity.

George Biruri is a fervent freelance writer in Kenya.


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