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credit to @ccolaussen photography
Diaspora OVC Expo May 2024 credit to @ccolaussen photography

The Diaspora One Voice Consortium (OVC) has successfully concluded its
inaugural and groundbreaking Diaspora Investors Expo, which took place
from May 5-7, 2023 in Rockville, Maryland. The three-day event attracted
overall 120 registrants including exhibiting companies and hosted a range of
discussions and presentations from key stakeholders, including academicians,
politicians, investors, and business owners. The Expo is considered a major
success, with numerous awards given to organizations and individuals who
have significantly impacted various fields.
The Expo featured 14 panel forums, two trade delegation roundtable meetings,
and 18 media interviews. It garnered global attention, with a social media
following that reached 150,000 viewers by the third day. Five media teams
were accredited, and the event boasted an impressive list of attendees,
including four ambassadors, ten Members of Parliament, two senators, two
members of County Government, two parliamentary staff, and representatives
from five countries.
Among the Expo’s highlights were the 20 exhibitors showcasing innovative
products and services and the awards ceremony. The World Bank Institution
received the Best International Agency award for their development efforts in
Africa and their focus on future generations. Fourteen-year-old Michael
Tinashe Staples from Cincinnati, Ohio, made the announcement, drawing
attention to the importance of empowering the next generation.
Waya Pay was honored with the Best Fintech and Digital Economy award for
their mission to remove banking barriers for immigrants globally and help
them build their financial future easily. Waya co-founder, David Wachira,
accepted the award on behalf of the company.
Mumbi Baskin received a Women in Entrepreneurship award for her
trailblazing restaurants in Dallas, Texas. The Swahili Cultural Institute and
Farmers Network App were also acknowledged for their innovative teaching
Diaspora OVC President, Dr. Robert Chiuri, expressed his satisfaction with
the event, stating, “The Diaspora Investors Expo has proven to be an
invaluable platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among the
diaspora community. We are proud of the outcomes and look forward to more
opportunities to bring together such exceptional minds.”
Planning Chair, Dr. Jake Ongaki, added, “This event has exceeded our
expectations, and we are grateful to all participants and sponsors for their
support. We believe that the Expo has created a strong foundation for future
collaboration and investment in our communities.”
The Diaspora OVC Investors Expo has set a high benchmark for future events,
with its focus on empowering the diaspora community and fostering cross-
sector partnerships. The OVC is committed to continuing its work in promoting
unity and progress among African diaspora communities.
For more information about the One Voice Consortium and future events,
please visit
About One Voice Consortium (OVC)
The One Voice Consortium (OVC) is a global network of African diaspora
organizations, professionals, and entrepreneurs that aims to promote unity,
collaboration, and investment in various sectors. Through events such as the
Diaspora Investors Expo, the OVC seeks to empower the diaspora community
and contribute to the sustainable development of Africa.
This Press Statement is prepared by Diaspora OVC Communications and
Approved by Founder President, Dr. Robert Chiuri.


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