My fellow Kenyans in the Republic of Kenya and diaspora at large, it’s so sad for us in new England and around the world to gather when our own young men and women are being shot, abducted and roughed up by police because of opposing an oppressive tax hike bill that doesn’t favor their ability to grow, afford to go to college, get decent jobs or start small business. What we have seen and witnessed this week the administration of WSR and his crooked advisers is extra judicial killings of young people. We condemn the violence against our youth and destruction of properties by gangs hired by the WSR administration and blame it on innocent youth that were protesting peacefully. Only one word that can describe what we saw GENOCIDE.

We hope the ICC is watching and monitoring this closely and the international community is watching and condemning the atrocities at the highest order . We in New England and diaspora at large support our young people and condemn what we saw happening . WSR should step down and the parliament dissolved to allow new elections.

The corrupt members of parliament and cabinet should be held accountable for the killings and since the corrupt judicial systems cannot prosecute, we ask the ICC to arrest WSR and his crooked government especially Ichungwa, Mudavadi and Wetangula also the inspector general of police. The high court judge who ruled for the military to patrol the streets and kill innocent civilians.

To our Gen zs may our God bless you and protect you from the harm and deaths orchestrated by the WSR regime.

Never give up uprising for your motherland, no matter what. The regime of WSR came with a bible to confuse and convince Kenyans; little did they know that WSR himself is a monster and a killer who learned his tactics from the late President Moi .

Come 2027, we are now bright and more powerful than ever before. God bless you all and bless our magical, beautiful hub of Africa, Kenya; thank you, and may we never give up!

copied from Diaspora groups


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