Professor Magoha’s Disgraceful Arrogance a National Embarrassment.


By Alex Kamau Wa Ikui

It’s great to learn that the Kenya Public Service Commission has acted swiftly to clip the wings of our education secretary.

What Prof Magoha did should be a sackable offence in civilised societies. Humiliating a senior education official by publicly calling him stupid and directing teachers to collect rubbish/litter in full view of the pupils they teach is an immoral and humiliating act of bullying and shames and considerably demeans the Office of the Cabinet Secretary for Education.

Challenged to apologise, Prof Magoha arrogantly bragged that was his modus operandi (way of doing things).

May I educate the esteemed professor a little….how we treat those junior to us speaks volumes about our character. And I mean all including our house-helps, drivers, security, bar attendants, waiters, secretaries etc.

You can achieve more by being a good example to your juniors and treating them with respect.

Henceforth there are many Kenyan teachers who will hope that Prof Magoha becomes a failure.

Having chains of degrees does little to better the character of a pompous and eccentric idiot. You can be schooled but NOT educated.

If I were Professor Magoha…I would prove my worth by calling a press conference tomorrow with the concerned officer and the teachers involved, and in full view of the country humbly apologise to them in person. Majority of Kenyan teachers are simple and decent human beings who would rightly accept the apology and relieve the professor of the character stain that may now become a hallmark of what he may be remembered for despite his remarkable past achievements. Will he do that? It requires courage and character…attributes presently conspicuous in Professor Magoha by their absence.

Senior government officials must treat their juniors with dignity and respect-and NEVER humiliate them. We are all Kenyans after all…and none is a child of a retired God!

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