The political promises by both Deputy President William Ruto and Rt. Hon. Raila Odinga aren’t sustainable solution to economic hardships facing this country. Neither Raila nor Ruto is telling Kenyans the source of funding for their economic models and their sustainability in medium and long term.

Kenya are tired with this culture of dishing handouts and empty promises during every election year – they aren’t practical and realistic at long-term.

Kenyans, from Mama boga, Jua-kali, SMEs, manufacturers, industrialists etc.. want an enabling environment to do business, pass necessary economic policies, reduce energy price, create a 24/7 economic model, create jobs through entrepreneurship and value addition in agriculture,  horticulture and dairy farming etc…

When you interact with the youth and women who are at the bottom of the pyramid, they are desparately looking for jobs, something to earn a living, others complain the lack of access to capital as an obstacle to starting a business “household enterprises and self-employment”. Many Kenyans are also terrified of taking a loan.

Another problem in this country is skills mismatching.  Our schools, colleges and universities still educate students as though they will all get jobs in the formal waged sector resulting in too few getting jobs after years of study.

Lack of employment has pushed the majority youth to alcoholism, drug and substances abuse, and crimes.

Lack of focus on women’s employment contribute to livelihood hardship at family level. Women’s value as entrepreneurs and income-generators is often constrained by cultural attitudes, family traditions and, sometimes, government legislation.

The two “antagonists”; “protagonists” should tell Kenyans what plans they have for economy recovery after COVID-19 pandemic.

Kenyans are tired of rhetoric’s: The choices that government shall make after 2022 election to restart economic engine are paramount. Through stimulus investments, these should include a long-term social, economic, and environmental engagement or rather goodwill to ensure that they can build back stronger and better economy.

Ten months to the general election, it will be irresponsible to behave or act as if COVID-19 pandemic has ended.

The government should enhance short-long term response measures to address the health emergency and secure core public service accompanied by comprehensive policies to boost long-term growth. This includes improving governance and business environments, and expanding and improving the results of investment in education and in public health.

To make future economy more resilient, government will need systems that can build and retain more human and physical capital during the recovery period – using policies that reflect and encourage the post-pandemic need for new types of jobs, businesses and governance systems.

Innovative agricultural and Livestock farming creates opportunities to lift people out of poverty.  Farming creates more jobs, beginning with farmers, and continuing with farm equipment makers, food processing plants, transportation, infrastructure and manufacturing.

Wanjiku want to hear what 2022 Presidential candidates plan for sufficient Food Security in the country and the protection of government lands, assets, properties against the cartels.

Kenya want to hear how they plan to prosecute those who have stolen public funds, obtained government lands, assets and properties through corruption; and how to recover them back to public coffer!

SN Kinuthia popularly known as Wa Mother is a Diaspora who is eyeing Githunguri Parliamentary seat.


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