Prosperity Gardens Konza: A Choice That One Needs To Make.


Prosperity is a choice that one needs to make. It’s all about having an eye for the future. And indeed, the future frequently requires one to make a quick decision in order to stay on the winning lane.  Prosperity Gardens is a Jewel that is located only 1.8km off Mombasa Road and directly overlooking the massive Konza City. While at the Property Gardens, the view of this Kenya’s Technopolis is breathtaking.

This is where millions of dollars have been invested by global brands who have the future in mind.  This place is suitable for rental houses, which will be highly favorable once the Konza City becomes functional.   The properties are few and priority will be accorded on a first come first served basis. The subtitles will be out in 6 months.

To Own Property Call us: 0790 300300 , 0723 400500 Diaspora: 0790 667799 ,

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